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Best Pocket Knives – Folding, Swiss Army, Multi Tool & Pocket Knife Brands

My grandfather taught me many things, but one of his most important lessons concerned what a man should carry. In his estimation no man should ever leave home without at least three things: his watch, his wallet, and his pocket knife. I can’t count the number of times I saw him use that beat up old jackknife to cut fishing line, peel an apple, or while away an afternoon whittling. [...]

Best Multi Tool Knife 2019 with Full Reviews

Knives have been one of the main components of multi tools since the 1890’s. In recent years they’ve been overshadowed by the folding plier designs but are still one of the most important features of a quality tool. Thankfully, manufacturers understand this and have created a range of specialized tools that focus on high quality knife blades with a few additional multi tool features. Today we’ll review a list of [...]