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Best Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox Multi Tools for Outdoorsman

Swiss army knives have been a favorite tool of woodsmen the world over since they were first introduced in the 1890’s. Created by Victorinox as a standard issue tool to the Swiss army, they’ve since become a symbol of preparedness and a can do spirit that inspired the creation of the modern multi tool. Today we’ll cover many of Victorinox’s most popular products in an attempt to find the best [...]

Best Bowie Knife for 2019 with Reviews – Great Fixed Blade Knives

Everyone has heard of the Bowie Knife. It’s one of the most iconic tools of the rugged men and women who helped tame the American West. Large and capable hunting and utility knives, Bowie knives were as good in a fight as they were skinning a moose. Today we’ll cover 10 modern examples of this classic knife and help you find the best Bowie knife for your needs. What is [...]

Best Survival Machetes 2019 for Clearing and Chopping Brush

One of the most widely used tools in the world is the humble machete. From Latin America all the way to Southeast Asia, people have been using machetes for centuries. They’re one of the most useful survival tools you can have when out in the backcountry. Today we decided to review 9 of the best survival machetes available. Best Survival Machetes It’s really hard to choose the best machete on [...]

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener. Great for Multi Tools and EDC

A quality pocket knife is just about the most basic part of an everyday carry. It’s small, lightweight, and can be used for literally thousands of possible tasks. Unfortunately, pocket knives require basic upkeep just like any other tool. There are few things as dangerous as working with a dull knife, so make sure you’ve got an effective knife sharpener handy. Today we’re reviewing the best pocket knife sharpeners on [...]

Best Pocket Knives – Folding, Swiss Army, Multi Tool & Pocket Knife Brands

My grandfather taught me many things, but one of his most important lessons concerned what a man should carry. In his estimation no man should ever leave home without at least three things: his watch, his wallet, and his pocket knife. I can’t count the number of times I saw him use that beat up old jackknife to cut fishing line, peel an apple, or while away an afternoon whittling. [...]

Best Multi Tool Knife 2019 with Full Reviews

Knives have been one of the main components of multi tools since the 1890’s. In recent years they’ve been overshadowed by the folding plier designs but are still one of the most important features of a quality tool. Thankfully, manufacturers understand this and have created a range of specialized tools that focus on high quality knife blades with a few additional multi tool features. Today we’ll review a list of [...]