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Best Pocket Knives – Folding, Swiss Army, Multi Tool & Pocket Knife Brands

My grandfather taught me many things, but one of his most important lessons concerned what a man should carry. In his estimation no man should ever leave home without at least three things: his watch, his wallet, and his pocket knife. I can’t count the number of times I saw him use that beat up old jackknife to cut fishing line, peel an apple, or while away an afternoon whittling. [...]

Best Multi Tool Bracelet – Leatherman Thread & Survival Paracord Bracelets

Have you ever checked out one of those EDC pocket dump sites? They’re pretty cool, and let you see all the neat tools, knives, and gadgets everyone is carrying around all day. One thing we’ve always noticed is that there are a lot of cool wearable tools out there. Some of the most interesting are ones shaped as bracelets or watch bands. We thought you’d enjoy seeing a list of [...]

Best Multi Tool with Carabiner

Anyone familiar with EDC loves carabiners. They’re one of the original multi function tools and have more uses than we can count. When you combine the benefits of a standard carabiner with the ingenuity of multi tool manufacturers you end up with a lot of really useful tools. We’ve put together a list of 11 such tools to help you find the best multi tool with carabiner for your needs. [...]

Best Multi Tool Belt Buckle

Belt buckle tools are a little known category of multi tools that many people write off as gimmicks and toys. With some of the newer tools on the market though this is a big mistake. New materials, design methods, and good old fashioned ingenuity have produced some real winners in this category. We’ve gathered together some really nice tools to try and find out what the best multi tool belt [...]

Best Multi Tool Credit Cards

Credit card multi tools first emerged as gimmicky stocking stuffers for EDC enthusiasts and nerds. New materials, advances in manufacturing techniques, and the application of good old fashioned ingenuity have made this into an exciting new category in the multi tool market. It helps that they’re downright cool. What’s not to like about carrying 10 or 20 tools slipped into your wallet. Here’s a list including some of the best [...]

Best Keychain Multi Tools – Easy to Carry Gadgets

Keychain multi tools are a rapidly growing segment of the multi tool market, yet many people question their value. Can anything that small actually pack in a useful set of tools? We decided to look at some of the best keychain multi tools on the market today and figure out which ones are actually worth owning. What is a Keychain Multi-tool When we started writing this article we realized there [...]

Best One Piece Multi Tool

One piece multi tools fill an interesting niche in the world of EDC and handymen. The first time most people see one they aren’t really sure what they’re looking at. They don’t fold, they don’t have pliers, and they only rarely have a knife blade on them. Mostly they look like doodad’s you clip your keychain to. Thinking that’s all they are can be a big mistake. These interesting little [...]