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Best Multi Tool Roundups

Best multi tool with pen

Best Multi Tool Pens

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but does it have a place on a multi tool?

Best Keychain Multi Tools

Best Keychain Multi Tools

Keychain multi tools are a rapidly growing segment of the multi tool market, yet many people question their value.

Multi Tool with Corkscrew

Best Multi Tool with Corkscrew

The humble corkscrew is one of the oldest and most basic tools included on multi tools and pocket knives.

Best one piece multi tool

Best One Piece Multi Tools

One piece multi tools fill an interesting niche in the world of EDC and handymen.

What is an Awl

Best Multi Tool with Awl

Today we’ll explain what an awl is designed for and cover some of the multi tools that have high quality awls built right in.

Best Fishing Multi Tools

Best Fishing Multi Tools

Fishing multi-tools are incredibly handy devices that allow you to work or adapt to a range of different situations.

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