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What is the best multi tool? This sounds like a simple question, but you could ask ten people this question and get ten different answers. The reason for this is obvious. There are a multitude of different requirements people must take into consideration when deciding on the best multi tool for their needs.

Is the multi tool for work or a recreational activity? Does the size of the tool matter? Does the tool have to be TSA compliant? Do you need one specific tool? Is the price a major factor? Does being made in the USA matter? Do you want a one-piece multi tool or a butterfly opening multi tool? These are just some of the most common considerations buyers must make before deciding on the best multi tool.

So, instead of giving you just one tool as the best multi tool, we’ll give you a list of all the best multi tools that meet the most common needs. Below is a list of the best multi tool if you’re in a hurry and just want a quick glance. Or read on for a more detailed guide to the best multi tools for every occasion.

What is the Best Multi Tool

Leatherman Charge+ TTi

Winner of the overall best multi tool is the most prestigious category in this list. If you could only have one multi tool to take with you into unknown circumstances and conditions which one should you pick?
Considering the sheer volume of multi tools currently available, in a number of different styles by several quality companies, you’d think this would be a closely thought contest. But surprisingly there was one stand out contestant – The Leatherman Charge+ TTi.
Leatherman Charge Plus Survival Tool
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Victorinox Swisscard Lite Best Multi Tool


Swisscard Lite

Picking a winner for the best credit card multi tool is extremely difficult, as many of the top cards target different uses. So depending on whether you want a credit card multi tool for construction work, grooming, survival or fishing you’ll pick a different winner.

However, the great thing with credit card multi tools that isn’t the case with other styles of every day carry tools, is you can easily carry several with you without noticing the extra weight. So you don’t have to decide which card is best, you can carry three or four with you.

But as this is a best multi tool guide we will begrudgingly pick a winner. The award for best credit card multi tool goes to Victorinox Swisscard Lite.



Style CS

Having a tiny set of tools that you can’t forget because they are right there with your keys is a great idea. The keychain multi tool category is a surprisingly competitive niche, with all the main brands fighting it out for the top spot. This alone should tell you how popular keychain multi tools are with the buying public.

In picking which tool should win the best keychain multi tool title there were a few points to consider first. Should the tool be the classic butterfly opening multi tool or a one-piece tool? We decided it should be a butterfly opening tool and one-piece tools should have their own category (see below).

The second consideration is whether the winner should have pliers or scissors as the main tool. There is no doubt that pliers are far more handy in a variety of different situations than scissors, but for a miniature toolkit, we believe scissors are normally more practical. And have therefore chosen the Leatherman Style CS as the winner.

Leatherman Style CS Multi Tool
Griffin one piece multi tool



One-piece keychain tools have always made great gifts or stocking fillers for EDC or outdoors enthusiasts. They have often been seen as little more than a novelty item. But this is no longer the case. There are now many good quality one-piece multi tools that more than adequately achieves there goals.

The best one-piece multi tools are now made out of quality materials and precision engineered. They are built to complete a task and not just to look nice on a keychain. Although having said that, the winner of best one-piece multi tool still looks great – the Griffin Pocket Tool.



Juice CS4

If you’re a wine drinker, a multi tool that has a corkscrew is likely to be the one you buy. You know the pain of going camping or out for a picnic and then realizing you’ve forgotten the corkscrew. And having a corkscrew as part of your every day carry will mean you never have to feel this pain again.

So, if you’re not going to be digging at the corkscrew with your key, or trying to push it down into the bottle with a blunt object what should you be opening a nice bottle of wine with. Our recommendation is the Leatherman Juice CS4. But there are also a number of Victorinox pocket knives that do a fine job at opening bottles.

Leatherman Juice CS4 Multi Tool
Leatherman Signal Carabiner Multi Tool



The first question on most of your lips is likely what is an Awl? And this doesn’t come as a surprise. An awl isn’t the first tool people look for when deciding on the best multi tool. The knife, scissors and pliers are the premium tools people look at first.

But an awl is an extremely useful tool for outdoors people. If you’ve ever had to do any emergency repairs on your gear while in the backcountry you’ll definitely have an awl as a consideration when buying a multi tool. So here is the best multi tool with an awl for all you people that like to be prepared for the worst – Leatherman Signal.



Signature Lite

Having a pen on a multi tool is still something many people question. But considering the small amount of space taken up by a pen, and the usefulness of having one, the real question should be why don’t more multi tools have pens.

Even though there aren’t many multi tools with a pen, picking a winner still wasn’t easy. With its unique style and nice toolset, the SOG Q1 was a close contender, as were a few Victorinox tools. Read our best multi tools with pens articles to see what we liked about these tools.

So after much consideration, the hard thought winner of the pen multi tool category was the Victorinox Signature Lite. If a pen is important to you to have with your EDC then you can buy the Signature Lite with the confidence of knowing you’ve bought an excellent multi tool.

Victorinox Signature Lite Tool with Pen
Gerber LineDriver freshwater fishing multi tool



Getting out for a spot of fishing is a favorite pastime for millions of people around the world. And needless to say, the makers of multi tools also know this and have designed tools specifically for fisherman.

When judging the best fishing multi tool we decided to focus on the tools that are just for fisherman. Of course many general purpose tools from the big companies are also great to have in your tackle box and we recommend several of them in our roundup article. But for this award we’ll just be looking at the specialized tools.

The front runner in this marketplace is Gerber. They have several tools that are just for fisherman. It wasn’t easy to pick a winner, but we have decided to award the Gerber Linedriver as the champion of the fishing multi tool options.



Alien II

Bike multi tools are probably the most specialized of all the multi tools. The classic pliers, scissors and can openers are simply not needed for a cycling multi tool. Instead you’ll want hex keys, a chain splitter, tire levers and spoke keys.

Having run through all the best selling cycling multi tools we found a clear winner. So if you’re in the market for a top of the range bike multi tool you can’t do better than buying the Topeak Alien II Multi Tool. Topeak is probably the best brand when it comes to cycling multi tools so you’ll also be buying from a trusted industry name.

Topeak Alien II bicycle multi tool

Best Multi Tools Brands

Best Multi Tools

What is in a name. That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. Well that might be true in the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, but is it true for multi tools. Are people paying more simply for the name on the side or are they getting a better product?

Firstly, some people are brand loyal and are fanboys like other people are with sporting teams. These people will buy anything with their favorite brands’ name on it. Others will buy a name because they are made in their home state or country and want to support local products.

If the above describes you, that’s ok, each to their own. But at Outdoorsman Toolkit we are interested in the best multi tools. So does buying a certain brand guarantee you’re getting a better product.

Well it doesn’t guarantee a better product but as the household names have had years of experience and millions of happy customers that give them feedback, it sure takes out some of the risks. If you buy a Leatherman, for example, you can be sure you’ll get great after sells service, and a well-made product. As that’s what they have done for years. So, who are the best multi tool brands? what is the best Leatherman multi tool and who’s winning the Leatherman Vs Gerber battle for best multi tool

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