7 Best Snowflake Multi Tools Reviewed

Last Updated October 31, 2023
Top 3 Best Snowflake Multi Tools
Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool
Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry.
  • Aesthetic snowflake design crafted from durable stainless steel.
  • 18 different tools including screwdrivers, hex wrenches, and a bottle opener.
HexFlex Adventure Snowflake Tool
HexFlex Adventure Snowflake Tool
  • Corrosion-resistant black oxide coating, suitable for surfers or fishermen.
  • 15 various tools for tightening, loosening, and other adjustments.
  • Light, small, and a perfect keychain tool.
Perambry 20 in 1 Snowflake Multi Tool
Perambry Snowflake Multi Tool
  • Unique rounded exterior shape, heavier and larger than many similar tools.
  • Stainless steel construction, available in silver or black oxide finish.
  • Same common tools like screwdrivers and hex wrenches, but with more tool area to grab onto​.
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Snowflake multi tools are a relatively new entry in the multi tool world. They’re single piece multi tools that look a lot like a perfect snowflake. They’re useful to have on hand and offer a lot of great tools in a very small package. Today we’ll be reviewing some of the best snowflake multi tools available to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Best Snowflake Multi Tool Reviews

Snowflake multi tools are neat little tools designed to look like a snowflake. They focus on mechanical tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, box cutters, bottle openers, and other related tools.

They make great and inexpensive gifts, especially around the holidays. They’re especially useful for people who participate in outdoor sports like cycling, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

There are tons of different options available to you for a very affordable price. We’ve gathered some of the best on the market to help you find the one best suited for your needs.

Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool

Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool
The Desuccus snowflake multi tool product picture

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The Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool is a charming addition to my outdoor gear collection. Being an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking and camping, I always appreciate compact, versatile tools that don’t weigh down my pack. This snowflake-shaped tool is not only aesthetically appealing but it’s quite the workhorse. Crafted from stainless steel, its durability is evident from the moment you hold it. Despite its pint-sized appearance at just over 2 inches across, the hefty feel of its 2.3 oz weight is reassuring.

I love how Desuccus has managed to ingeniously pack 18 different tools into this snowflake design. It’s a clever nod to its original conception as a snowboard tool, which adds a cool narrative to its functionality. The array of tools including Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, allen/hex wrenches, a bottle opener, box/rope cutter, and a keyring hole has proven quite useful. I’ve already used it to tighten up some bolts on my bike before hitting a trail, and opening a cold one at the campsite was a breeze.

Attaching it to my backpack was straightforward with the provided keyring, and its presence hardly noticeable as I moved through my hike. Though I’m not a tool aficionado, I’ve found the Desuccus to be user-friendly. Its handy size allows for a good grip and the torque I needed to secure screws firmly. However, I did find the snowflake design, while attractive, did pose a challenge in some tight spots, especially when using the hex keys around certain bolt heads.

It’s a tool that sparks conversation around the campfire and has already been a handy companion in my minor repair and DIY endeavors during my outdoor excursions. While it may not replace a full-fledged tool kit, its convenience and multi-utility nature are undeniable. I’ve found it to be a trusty companion for those quick fixes and everyday tasks. The Desuccus Snowflake Multi Tool is not only functional but carries with it a whimsical charm that appeals to my love for unique, compact gadgets. It’s a purchase well worth the price, and I see it becoming a staple in my outdoor adventures. The assurance of a 1-year after-sale service is a nice bonus, reflecting the brand’s confidence in its product.

On a recent weekend camping trip to the Rockies, the Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool proved its mettle. As someone who thrives in the embrace of nature, I always ensure to have reliable tools on hand. This time, the Desuccus was the star. On reaching the campsite, we realized one of the tent poles was bent out of shape. It was a cold evening with the wind picking up, and setting up the tent quickly was crucial. The hex wrench on the Desuccus came to the rescue. It snugly fit the bolt on the pole, allowing me to apply enough torque to straighten it out. The compact size of the tool provided the necessary leverage without being cumbersome.

Later that night, as the temperatures dipped, we huddled around the campfire. The conversation flowed, and so did the refreshments. The bottle opener on the Desuccus was in constant use, seamlessly blending functionality with the camaraderie of the wilderness. It was during these moments, with the stars overhead and the crackling fire, that I truly appreciated the blend of aesthetics and practicality of this tool. The snowflake design, reflecting the gleam of the fire, was not only a testament to human ingenuity but also a humble nod to the pristine beauty of nature that surrounded us. The Desuccus Snowflake Multi Tool was not just a tool; it was a part of the experience, embodying the rugged yet harmonious spirit of the outdoors.

In a nutshell, the Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool is a commendable blend of form and function. It’s a piece that resonates with my love for the outdoors, and I would highly recommend it to fellow adventurers or anyone in need of a compact, multi-functional tool that also serves as a great conversation starter.


  • Compact and Lightweight: At just over 2″ across and weighing 2.3 oz, it’s easy to carry along on any adventure.
  • 18-in-1 Versatility: Equipped with a variety of tools including screwdrivers, hex wrenches, bottle opener, and box/rope cutter which come in handy for a wide range of tasks.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, whether in urban settings or the great outdoors.
  • Unique Snowflake Design: Aesthetically pleasing and a great conversation starter, also reflecting its original intent as a snowboard tool.
  • Ease of Attachment: Comes with a key ring for easy attachment to a backpack or keychain, ensuring it’s always within reach when needed.
  • One-Year After-Sale Service: A reassuring backup in case of any quality issues.


  • Limited Accessibility in Tight Spaces: The unique design, while compact, can hinder accessibility and maneuverability in tight or confined spaces.
  • Hex Keys’ Usability: The snowflake design may make some of the hex keys a bit challenging to use depending on the space around the bolt head.
  • Not a Replacement for a Full Tool Kit: While highly versatile, it may not replace the need for a more comprehensive tool kit for more complex or specialized tasks.

HexFlex Adventure Snowflake Tool

HexFlex Adventure Snowflake Tool
The HexFlex snowflake multi tool product picture

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The HexFlex Adventure SnowFlake Tool provides you various tools in a very compact package. It’s made from black oxide coated stainless steel, weighs just 2.3 oz, and is barely 2 inches across.

The black oxide coating makes it highly resistant to corrosion, perfect for surfers or fisherman who might need some extra tools for their gear. It has 15 different tools available to you.

These include screwdrivers, a variety of hex/allen wrenches, a bottle opener, box cutter, and keychain ring. This gives you lots of tools to loosen, tighten, and otherwise adjust your gear.

Its light weight, small size, and variety of tools make it a perfect keychain tool.

Perambry 20 in 1 Snowflake Multi Tool

Perambry Snowflake Multi Tool
The Perambry snowflake multi tool product picture

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The Perambry 20 in 1 is a snowflake multi tool with a twist. It has a more rounded exterior shape while still packing in a similar tool load out to other snowflake multi tools.

It’s made from stainless steel and available in either a silver or black oxide finish. It weighs 2.8 oz and is 3.15 inches in diameter. That makes it a bit heavier and noticeably larger than many similar snowflake multi tools.

It includes many of the same tools common to snowflake multi tools such as screwdrivers, hex/allen wrenches, bottle openers, box cutters, etc, but gives you a little bit more tool to grab onto.

Its more rounded shape can actually be a feature if you’re planning to put it in a bag. It doesn’t snag on other items nearly as easily as other snowflake multi tools.

Fronnor Snowflake Multi Tool

Fronnor Snowflake Multi Tool
The Fronnor snowflake multi tool product picture

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The Fronnor Snowflake Multi Tool is a sturdy little tool packed full of features. It’s made from durable stainless steel and offers 19 different tools in one small package.

These include both flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers, a range of different sized hex/allen wrenches, a box cutter, a bottle opener, and a keychain hole. This allows you to deal with many of life’s little emergency all from the tools on your keychain.

Vintar Keychain Snowflake Multi tool

Vintar Keychain Snowflake Multi tool
The Vintar snowflake multi tool product picture

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The Vintar Keychain Tool is a snowflake multi tool perfect for use as a daily carry tool. It’s made from black oxide coated stainless steel, weighs 2.3 oz, and measures just over 2 inches across.

It gives you 15 different tools, including a variety of hex/allen wrenches, a pair of screwdrivers, a box cutter, and a bottle opener. Overall, it’s a nifty little set of basic tools that are very useful in day to day life.

Yage 12-in-1 Multi Tool

Yage Multi Tool
The Yage snowflake multi tool product picture

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The Yage 12 in 1 is an ultra-lightweight multi tool based on the popular snowflake multi tool design. It’s made from stainless steel, weighs less than an ounce, and measures just an inch across.

Despite this tiny size it manages to pack in 12 different tools, including screwdrivers, allen wrenches, hex wrenches, a bottle opener, a box cutter, and a small keychain. This gives you some really useful tools in a tiny and very easy to carry package.

EKKONG 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi Tool

EKKONG Snowflake Multi Tool
The EKKONG snowflake multi tool product picture

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The Ekkong 18 in 1 is a snowflake multi tool designed for cycling and snowboarding. It’s made from stainless steel and is available in either natural silver or with a black oxide coating.

It weighs just 2.75 oz and measures only 2.5 inches across. It gives you 18 different tools for working on your board. These include screwdrivers, hex/allen wrenches, a box cutter, a bottle opener, and a keychain.

One really cool extra in the Ekkong is the inclusion of a zipper carry case. This makes it easy to slip it into a pocket or bag without worrying about it snagging on anything.

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FAQ: Best Snowflake Multi Tool

As outdoor enthusiasts embark on camping, hiking, and survival journeys, having the right tools at hand is crucial. When it comes to versatility and portability, snowflake multi tools have gained popularity among adventurers. These compact and ingenious tools, shaped like snowflakes, offer a wide range of functionalities for various tasks. In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the best snowflake multi tools. From their functionality and durability to their suitability for different weather conditions, we provide answers to help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice exploring the great outdoors, this FAQ section aims to provide clarity and insights into the world of snowflake multi tools, ensuring you choose the best one to enhance your camping, hiking, and survival experiences.

What is a snowflake multi tool?

A snowflake multi tool is a compact and versatile tool designed to resemble a snowflake in shape. It features multiple integrated tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, bottle openers, hex drivers, and more. It is commonly used for various tasks during camping, hiking, and survival situations.

What makes a snowflake multi tool useful for camping, hiking, and survival?

A snowflake multi tool offers a wide range of functionalities within a small, portable design. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a convenient tool for outdoor enthusiasts. It can assist in tasks like tightening screws, opening bottles, adjusting gear, and more, ensuring you’re prepared for unexpected situations in the wilderness.

Are snowflake multi tools durable?

The durability of snowflake multi tools varies depending on the brand and construction. It’s important to choose a tool made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or titanium. These materials offer better resistance against rust, corrosion, and wear, making the tool more durable for prolonged use in outdoor environments.

Can a snowflake multi tool replace traditional tools?

While a snowflake multi tool is versatile, it is not intended to replace traditional tools entirely. It serves as a convenient and compact alternative for small to medium tasks, but it may not provide the same level of precision and strength as dedicated tools. It’s recommended to have a combination of both for comprehensive tool coverage.

Are snowflake multi tools TSA-friendly?

Snowflake multi tools are generally TSA-friendly for air travel, as long as they are within the allowed dimensions and do not include sharp edges or blades. However, it’s always best to check the latest TSA guidelines before packing any tool in your carry-on luggage to ensure compliance with regulations.

Can snowflake multi tools be used in extreme weather conditions?

Snowflake multi tools are designed to be used in various weather conditions, including cold and snowy environments. However, extreme cold can affect the functionality of certain components like hinges or moving parts. It’s advisable to consider models that are specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

How do I maintain a snowflake multi tool?

To keep your snowflake multi tool in good condition, clean it after each use to remove dirt and debris. You can use a soft cloth or brush along with mild soap and water. Dry it thoroughly to prevent rusting. Applying a light coat of oil on metal parts can help prevent corrosion. Additionally, store it in a dry place away from moisture and extreme temperatures.

Can snowflake multi tools be customized or personalized?

Some snowflake multi tool brands offer customization options, such as engraving or adding accessories. This allows you to personalize the tool or make it a unique gift for someone. Check with the manufacturer or retailer to see if customization options are available for the specific model you are interested in.

Remember, it’s always important to read the user manual and follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer when using any tool, including snowflake multi tools, during your outdoor adventures.

Best Snowflake Multi Tools Recap

Final Thoughts

With snowflake multi tools there isn’t a ton of differences between different types.

You can choose between the true snowflake shape or a more circular design.

As long as you keep how you plan to carry it and what type of tools you want in mind it’s pretty easy to find one you like for a great price.

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  1. I’ve always found multi-tools to be so handy! The snowflake design is such a cool concept. I think I might get the Desuccus 18-in-1 for my next camping trip!

  2. I recently purchased the HexFlex Adventure Snowflake Tool and it’s been a fantastic addition to my everyday carry. It’s surprisingly lightweight yet feels sturdy in hand. The variety of tools came in handy when I had to fix my bike on the trail last weekend. The snowflake design isn’t just for looks, it actually makes it easy to find the tool you need quickly. Though it may not replace a full toolkit, it’s perfect for on-the-go fixes. The only downside is the price, it’s a bit on the higher side compared to others but in my opinion, it’s totally worth it for the quality and functionality you get.


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