Kershaw Select Fire Multi Tool Knife Review

Last Updated January 18, 2024

As an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, I’m constantly on the lookout for gear that blends functionality, durability, and value. The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife, a unique blend of a robust knife and a practical multi-tool, caught my attention for its promising features. This comprehensive review delves into every aspect of the Select Fire, from its blade quality and handle ergonomics to its multi-tool functionality and overall value.

Designed for the outdoor adventurer, the DIY enthusiast, and the everyday user, the Kershaw Select Fire stands out in the crowded market of multi-tools. Its knife-first approach, coupled with essential multi-tool features, makes it a potentially ideal companion for a range of activities. Whether you’re a hiker, camper, or someone who appreciates the practicality of having a multi-tool at hand, this review aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of what the Kershaw Select Fire has to offer.

Join me as I dissect the various features of this tool, compare it with other popular multi-tools in the market, and provide a balanced viewpoint on its pros and cons. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear picture of whether the Kershaw Select Fire is the right tool for your needs.

Kershaw Select Fire Multi Tool

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Overall Impression

As an avid outdoors enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, and RVing, I’m always on the lookout for gear that’s both practical and durable. The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife, after extensive use and research, has proven to be a standout addition to my outdoor kit.

A Knife First, Multi-Tool Second: One of the key aspects of the Kershaw Select Fire that caught my attention is its primary focus as a knife, with the added convenience of multi-tool functions. Unlike other multi-tools that seem to compromise on the knife quality, the Select Fire gives prominence to the knife while still offering handy additional tools. The 3.4-inch blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel is a major highlight. This steel, while not premium, is known for being hard-wearing and providing excellent value for money, almost on par with AUS-8 steel. It comes with a bead-blasted finish, giving it a sleek, matte grey look that I find both aesthetically pleasing and practical for outdoor use.

Practical Design and Ergonomics: The handle of the Select Fire is made from Kershaw’s typical Glass Filled Nylon (GFN), which offers a smooth and tactile feel. This is especially beneficial for maintaining a firm grip, even in wet conditions – a scenario often encountered in outdoor adventures. The ergonomically designed handle with scoops allows for a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing the knife’s usability whether you are slicing through tough material or precision cutting.

Multi-Tool Features: Besides the impressive knife blade, the Select Fire includes a 5-piece bit set and a bit driver, which are incredibly useful for quick fixes and adjustments in the field. The bit driver is notably long, allowing access to recessed screws, and carries four bits in pop-out carriers. This feature is unobtrusive when using the knife blade, ensuring that the tool’s functionality as a knife is not compromised.

Versatility and Everyday Use: This multi-tool knife is not just limited to outdoor excursions. I find it equally useful as an everyday carry item. Its compact size and pocket clip make it easy to carry, providing quick access when needed. Whether it’s for opening packages, making minor repairs, or as a reliable tool during camping trips, the Select Fire has proven to be versatile.

In summary, the Kershaw Select Fire is a well-designed, durable, and practical multi-tool knife. It strikes an excellent balance between being a reliable knife and a versatile multi-tool, making it a valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear. Its affordability and quality construction offer great value, making it a tool I frequently rely on both in the wilderness and for everyday tasks​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Function Pocket Knife

The Knife Blade

As a seasoned outdoorsman who spends a considerable amount of time hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors, I’ve always emphasized the importance of a reliable knife. The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife has a blade that not only meets but exceeds my expectations in various aspects.

Blade Material and Quality: The heart of this tool is its 3.4-inch blade, crafted from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. While in the knife community this isn’t considered a premium steel, it’s a workhorse that has consistently proven its worth. This steel is comparable to AUS-8 in terms of durability and edge retention, offering a fantastic balance of toughness, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. For someone who frequently deals with different outdoor conditions, this kind of reliability is essential.

Blade Design and Functionality: The blade features a bead-blasted finish, which I find not only visually appealing with its matte grey look but also practical. This finish helps to minimize reflections, a subtle but appreciated feature when I’m outdoors. The size of the blade is just right for a variety of tasks, from preparing food at a campsite to cutting through ropes or even for whittling wood during a quiet moment by the fire.

Ease of Use: What I particularly appreciate about the Kershaw Select Fire’s blade is its user-friendly design. The dual thumb studs are well positioned, allowing for easy and quick one-handed opening, a feature that comes in handy when you’re multitasking or if one hand is occupied. The initial sharpness of the blade out of the box is decent, but with a little honing, it becomes razor-sharp. Given the quality of the steel, maintaining a sharp edge is not a complicated task, even for those who are not experts in knife sharpening.

Durability and Edge Retention: In my time using this knife, I’ve noticed that the 8Cr13MoV steel holds its edge well, even after extensive use. It’s reassuring to know that the blade won’t dull easily when I’m out in the wilderness, far from my sharpening tools. When it does need sharpening, it’s a straightforward process, thanks to the steel’s forgiving nature.

The blade of the Kershaw Select Fire is a standout feature. Its combination of size, material quality, and functional design makes it more than just a part of a multi-tool; it’s a reliable companion for any outdoor adventure or daily task. This blade has consistently demonstrated its ability to handle whatever task I throw at it, making it a top choice for anyone who values durability and functionality in their outdoor gear​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

The Handle and Feel

Having extensively used the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife in various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and RVing, one aspect that stands out remarkably is its handle design and overall feel.

Material and Construction: The handle of the Kershaw Select Fire is crafted from Glass-Filled Nylon (GFN), a material known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. GFN is not only robust but also lightweight, which contributes to the overall ease of handling the knife. In my experience, this material has withstood various environmental conditions, from damp mornings in the forest to the dry, abrasive environment of a hiking trail.

Ergonomic Design: Ergonomics play a crucial role in the functionality of any tool, and the Kershaw Select Fire excels in this area. The handle is contoured in a manner that naturally fits the hand. This ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. Whether I’m using the knife for cutting ropes or the bit driver for equipment adjustments, the handle design ensures a secure and comfortable grip.

Tactile Experience and Grip: The tactile experience of the handle is another factor worth mentioning. The GFN surface is slightly textured, providing a non-slip grip which is essential for safety and precision, especially in wet conditions. During my outdoor excursions, whether it’s raining or my hands are sweaty, this textured grip has provided me with the confidence that the knife won’t slip from my grasp.

Balance and Control: The balance of a knife is critical, particularly when it’s used for precise tasks. The Kershaw Select Fire is well-balanced, with the weight distribution between the blade and handle feeling just right. This balance affords me better control over the knife, making detailed tasks easier and safer.

Pocket Clip Feature: An additional feature of the handle that enhances its functionality is the reversible pocket clip. This feature is particularly useful for carrying the knife securely and within easy reach. Whether I’m right or left-handed, the reversible clip allows for convenient and comfortable carry, making the knife readily accessible whenever I need it.

The handle of the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife is thoughtfully designed with practicality and comfort in mind. Its durable material, ergonomic shape, textured grip, and excellent balance contribute significantly to the overall functionality and user experience of the knife. As someone who relies heavily on their gear, I find the handle of the Kershaw Select Fire to be a key factor in its effectiveness as a dependable tool for outdoor activities and daily tasks​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Multi-Tool Functionality

During my numerous outdoor adventures and daily tasks, the multi-tool functionality of the Kershaw Select Fire has been a game-changer. Its clever integration of additional tools within the knife design sets it apart in the realm of multi-functional gear.

Bit Driver and Bit Set: The most notable feature, aside from the knife itself, is the bit driver. Ingeniously designed, the bit driver is long enough to reach recessed screws, making it incredibly handy for on-the-go adjustments. This feature has been particularly useful when I’ve needed to tighten screws on my camping gear or make quick fixes to my RV. The driver comes with a 5-piece bit set, including both flathead and crosshead bits, which are the most commonly needed types for general use. These bits are conveniently stored in the handle, ready for immediate use.

Easy Access and Storage: The storage and accessibility of the bits are something Kershaw has executed perfectly. The bits are stored in onboard carriers that swing out, allowing me to choose the bit I need quickly. After use, they snap back into place securely. This design is not only space-efficient but also ensures that the bits are always with the knife, reducing the chances of losing them.

The Practicality of the Tools: Every component of the Select Fire’s multi-tool aspect is practical. There are no unnecessary tools or gimmicks, just a straightforward, user-friendly design. This practicality is reflected in how frequently I find myself using these tools. Whether I’m in the wilderness or at home, the convenience of having a screwdriver set integrated into my knife has streamlined many tasks.

Unobtrusive Design: Importantly, the multi-tool features do not compromise the knife’s functionality. When using the knife blade, the bit driver and bits are completely unobtrusive. This thoughtful design ensures that the primary function of the knife is not hindered by its additional capabilities.

Versatility: The versatility of the Kershaw Select Fire is one of its strongest points. It’s not just a knife; it’s a portable tool kit that I can carry in my pocket. This multi-tool has proven invaluable for everything from quick repairs to opening packages, making it a must-have item in my daily carry.

The multi-tool functionality of the Kershaw Select Fire is impressively practical and well-designed. Its integration of useful tools, without sacrificing the knife’s primary function, makes it a versatile and invaluable addition to my outdoor and everyday gear. Its practicality, combined with the ease of use and accessibility of the tools, sets it apart in the multi-tool market​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Kershaw Select Fire Pocket Knife

Practicality for Outdoor Activities

As someone who spends a significant amount of time engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and RVing, I’ve found the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife to be an indispensable tool. Its practicality in various outdoor scenarios is worth detailing.

Versatility in the Wild: The true test of any outdoor tool is its versatility, and the Kershaw Select Fire passes this test with flying colors. The combination of a robust knife and the added utility of a multi-tool makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor tasks. From setting up camp, cutting ropes, preparing food, to making quick repairs on gear, this tool has proven its worth time and again.

Durability in Harsh Conditions: Outdoor gear must withstand diverse and often harsh conditions. The Kershaw Select Fire, with its durable 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade and sturdy GFN handle, has shown remarkable resilience. Whether it’s exposure to moisture, dust, or the rigors of heavy use, this knife has maintained its functionality and integrity.

Ease of Carry and Accessibility: For any outdoor enthusiast, the ease of carrying tools is crucial. The Kershaw Select Fire, with its lightweight design and reversible pocket clip, provides effortless carry and quick accessibility. It’s compact enough to fit in a small pocket of a backpack, a belt loop, or even in the pocket of my hiking pants, making it readily accessible whenever I need it.

Safety and Reliability: When you’re miles away from civilization, the reliability of your tools is paramount. The secure locking mechanism of the Select Fire ensures that the blade stays open when in use, preventing accidental closures that could lead to injuries. Also, the non-slip grip of the handle adds an extra layer of safety, especially in wet conditions.

Utility Beyond the Blade: While the knife itself is the star, the additional tools – a bit set and driver – extend its utility beyond just cutting. I’ve used it for tightening screws on my hiking boots, adjusting my camping gear, and even for small repairs on my RV. This multifunctionality reduces the need to carry separate tools, which is a significant advantage when trying to pack light.

The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife is not just a knife; it’s a versatile companion for the outdoors. Its robust construction, combined with thoughtful design features, meets the diverse needs of outdoor activities. For anyone who loves the outdoors as much as I do, this tool is a must-have for its reliability, versatility, and overall practicality in various outdoor scenarios​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Value for Money

As an enthusiastic outdoorsman who constantly seeks value in my equipment, I have a comprehensive perspective on the value for money offered by the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife.

Cost vs. Quality: When assessing any outdoor tool, the cost versus quality ratio is a critical factor. The Kershaw Select Fire, priced reasonably, stands out in this regard. The quality of materials used, including the 8Cr13MoV stainless steel for the blade and the Glass-Filled Nylon for the handle, aligns well with higher-priced knives. This material choice provides a balance of durability, functionality, and longevity, which is essential for any reliable outdoor tool.

Multi-Functionality Aspect: The multi-tool aspect of the Select Fire significantly enhances its value. It’s not just a knife; it’s a tool that reduces the need for carrying additional equipment. The inclusion of a bit set and driver in its design adds layers of functionality without a corresponding increase in price. This multi-use capability makes it a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing separate tools for each function.

Longevity and Durability: In my time using the Kershaw Select Fire, I’ve noted its resilience and longevity. It has withstood rigorous use in various conditions without significant wear or loss of functionality. The need for frequent replacements or repairs often diminishes the value of an outdoor tool, but this has not been the case with the Select Fire. Its enduring build quality ensures that it remains a reliable part of my gear for a long time, providing long-term value.

Comparison with Other Products: In comparison to other multi-tools and knives in the same price range, the Select Fire stands out for its focused functionality and quality. Many products either focus on the knife aspect or the multi-tool aspect, but the Select Fire excels in both. This balance is not commonly found in other products within a similar price bracket.

Personal Experience and Satisfaction: From my personal experience, the satisfaction derived from the use of the Kershaw Select Fire has been high. It has consistently met and exceeded my expectations in various outdoor scenarios. The peace of mind knowing I have a reliable tool, which didn’t break the bank, adds to its overall value.

The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife offers exceptional value for money. It combines quality materials, versatile functionality, durability, and a reasonable price point, making it an excellent investment for anyone who values efficiency and effectiveness in their outdoor gear. For budget-conscious outdoor enthusiasts like myself, it’s a highly recommended addition to their toolkit​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Kershaw Select Fire vs. Other Multi-Tools

In comparing the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife with other popular multi-tools, I’ve taken a close look at several key aspects and how they stack up against the competition. Also check out our best multi tool knife guide.

Gerber Obsidian Fine Edge Multi Tool Knife: Gerber Obsidian: This multi-tool includes a 440 stainless knife blade, a cross and flathead screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a file. Gerber offers both straight edge and serrated versions of the blade, each 3 inches long. The Gerber Obsidian is a reliable choice, but its tool set is somewhat basic, and the file is quite small.

Victorinox Alpineer: Victorinox Alpineer: Known for its Swiss precision, the Alpineer features a straight edge knife, corkscrew, toothpick, tweezers, and keyring. The main blade is sharp with a locking switch for safety. The Alpineer offers elegance and minimalism, making it an appealing option for those looking for a more refined tool.

Leatherman Crater Multi Tool Knife C33TX: Leatherman Crater C33TX: Leatherman’s Crater C33TX combines a traditional pocket knife body with a multi-tool’s functionality. It includes a 420HC combo knife blade, carabiner, bottle opener, and Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. The main blade is slightly shorter at 2.6 inches, but the quality of the screwdrivers compensates for this.

SOG Baton Q2: SOG Baton Q2: The Baton Q2 offers a unique cylindrical design that includes a straight edge blade, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and a 75-lumen LED flashlight. The flashlight’s performance is outstanding for a multi-tool, and the blade, made from 5Cr15Mov steel, is 2.5 inches long.

Gerber GDC Money Clip Fixed Blade Knife: Gerber GDC Money Clip: This is a combination of a minimalist money clip and a 1.75-inch straight edge blade. The money clip can hold cards and bills, while the blade is suitable for small tasks like opening packages or cutting cordage.

Personal Experience and Opinion: From my personal experience, the Kershaw Select Fire stands out for its knife-focused design and practicality. While it may not have as many tools as some other multi-tools, its strong suit is the quality and functionality of its blade and screwdrivers. It’s especially useful for those who prioritize a good knife in their multi-tool. The bit driver on the Select Fire is notably robust, allowing for significant torque, which is a plus compared to some other multi-tools. Its design makes it easy to carry like an EDC knife, whereas some other multi-tools, like certain Leatherman or SOG models, can be bulkier or heavier. For someone who frequently needs a screwdriver, the Select Fire is an ideal choice. However, if you’re looking for a multi-tool with a wider range of tools or a lighter tool like the Victorinox Trekker, other options might be more suitable​​​​.

Pros and Cons of the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife

Having used the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife extensively in various outdoor and everyday scenarios, I’ve compiled a detailed list of its pros and cons based on my personal experience and available information.


Knife-Focused Design: The primary advantage of the Select Fire is its emphasis on the knife. The 3.4-inch blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel is robust and versatile, suitable for a range of cutting tasks.

Multi-Tool Functionality: It includes a bit driver and a 5-piece bit set, which adds significant utility without compromising the knife’s functionality.

Ergonomic Handle: The Glass-Filled Nylon (GFN) handle is durable, provides a good grip, and is ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

Portability: The compact design and reversible pocket clip make it easy to carry, akin to a standard EDC (Everyday Carry) knife.

Value for Money: It offers great quality and functionality at a reasonable price point, making it an excellent investment for budget-conscious users.

Customizable Bit Set: The ability to replace the included bits with any standard 1/4″ bits from a home center allows customization based on individual needs.

Robust Bit Driver: The fold-out screwdriver is surprisingly strong, allowing for significant torque, which is a notable feature compared to some other multi-tools.


Bulk and Weight: It is slightly bulkier and heavier compared to standard pocket knives or smaller multi-tools, which might take some getting used to.

Limited Additional Features: Unlike more comprehensive multi-tools, the feature set is limited mainly to the blade and screwdriver functions, which might not suffice for users who are looking for a more comprehensive toolset.

Long-Term Durability Concerns: While the Select Fire is durable for everyday use, its long-term durability under heavy or specialized use isn’t as well-documented as some other multi-tools.

Blade Thickness: Some users might find the blade to be thicker at the point than preferred, which can become more noticeable after extensive sharpening over time.

Lack of Pliers or Advanced Tools: Compared to more complex multi-tools like those from Leatherman or Victorinox, it lacks tools like pliers, which might be essential for some users.

Not Ideal for Heavy-Duty Use: While suitable for everyday tasks, it might not be the best choice for heavy-duty or specialized tasks where a more robust multi-tool would be preferable.

Rust Potential in Wet Conditions: The bead-blasted finish of the blade may be susceptible to rust in consistently wet conditions, requiring more maintenance.

The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife shines as a knife-focused tool with added versatility thanks to its screwdriver bits. It’s an excellent choice for those who need a robust knife and occasional multi-tool functionality in a compact form. However, for users seeking a wider range of tools or those who require a tool for heavy-duty use, other multi-tools might be more appropriate. The Select Fire offers an excellent balance between functionality, portability, and price, making it a suitable choice for everyday carry and light outdoor activities​​​​.

FAQs: Insights on Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife

What is the main blade material of the Kershaw Select Fire?

The main blade of the Kershaw Select Fire is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This material offers a good balance of toughness, sharpness, and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various tasks.

Can the screwdriver bits be replaced or customized?

Yes, the Kershaw Select Fire comes with a 5-piece bit set, and these bits can be replaced with any standard 1/4″ bits. This feature allows for customization based on individual needs or specific tasks.

Is the Kershaw Select Fire suitable for heavy-duty tasks?

While the Kershaw Select Fire is robust and versatile for everyday use and light outdoor activities, it might not be the best choice for heavy-duty or specialized tasks where more comprehensive multi-tools would be preferable.

Does the knife come with a locking mechanism?

Yes, the Kershaw Select Fire features a secure locking mechanism for the blade. This mechanism ensures the blade stays open during use, providing safety and stability.

How portable is the Kershaw Select Fire compared to other multi-tools?

The Kershaw Select Fire is designed with portability in mind. It’s slightly bulkier than a standard pocket knife but more compact than many comprehensive multi-tools. Its reversible pocket clip makes it easy to carry and accessible, similar to an EDC knife.

Is the Kershaw Select Fire rust-resistant?

The 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade has good corrosion resistance, but the bead-blasted finish may require additional care to prevent rust, especially in wet conditions.

What additional tools does the Kershaw Select Fire offer besides the knife and screwdriver?

Beyond the knife blade and screwdriver function, the Select Fire’s additional tools are limited. It primarily focuses on being a knife with the added convenience of screwdriver bits.

How does the Kershaw Select Fire handle feel in terms of grip and ergonomics?

The handle is made from Glass-Filled Nylon (GFN), which provides a sturdy, non-slip grip. Its ergonomic design and textured surface ensure comfort and safety, especially in demanding conditions or prolonged use.

How does the weight and size of the Kershaw Select Fire compare to other multi-tools?

The Kershaw Select Fire is slightly heavier and bulkier than a standard pocket knife, but it’s more compact compared to larger, full-featured multi-tools. Its design strikes a balance between being substantial enough for various tasks while still being portable for everyday carry.

What type of activities is the Kershaw Select Fire best suited for?

The Kershaw Select Fire is ideal for everyday carry, light outdoor activities like hiking and camping, and general handyman tasks. It excels in situations where a robust knife and basic screwdriver functions are needed.

Can the Kershaw Select Fire be legally carried everywhere?

The legality of carrying the Kershaw Select Fire depends on local laws and regulations regarding knives. It’s important to check local knife carry laws, especially concerning blade length and locking mechanisms, before carrying it in public spaces.

Is the Kershaw Select Fire appropriate for survival or tactical use?

While the Kershaw Select Fire is a reliable tool for general outdoor activities, it may not meet all the requirements for specialized survival or tactical situations. It lacks certain tools, like pliers, that might be essential in survival kits.

How durable is the handle of the Kershaw Select Fire?

The handle, made from Glass-Filled Nylon (GFN), is known for its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. It’s designed to hold up well under regular use in various environmental conditions.

Is the Kershaw Select Fire easy to maintain?

Yes, the Kershaw Select Fire is relatively easy to maintain. The blade may require occasional sharpening, and the tool as a whole should be cleaned and oiled periodically, especially after use in wet conditions to prevent rust.

How does the Kershaw Select Fire’s price compare to other multi-tools?

The Kershaw Select Fire is priced reasonably, especially considering its quality and functionality. It offers good value for money, especially when compared to higher-end multi-tools that may offer more features but are not as comprehensive or feature-rich as some premium models.

How does the Kershaw Select Fire compare in terms of innovation and design to other multi-tools?

The Kershaw Select Fire stands out for its knife-focused design, which is unique compared to many multi-tools that prioritize a wide range of tools over the knife quality. Its design is innovative, especially regarding the integration of the bit driver and storage within the knife handle.

Is there a warranty or any customer support offered for the Kershaw Select Fire?

Kershaw typically offers a limited warranty on its products, covering defects in materials and workmanship. For specific warranty information and customer support regarding the Select Fire, it’s recommended to consult Kershaw’s official customer service channels.

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly examining and using the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife in various settings, I can confidently provide a comprehensive conclusion on this versatile tool.

The Kershaw Select Fire brilliantly combines the essential features of a robust knife with the convenience of a multi-tool. Its 3.4-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade is reliable and effective for a wide range of tasks, from everyday use to outdoor adventures. Unlike many multi-tools that compromise on knife quality, the Select Fire ensures the knife remains the star of the show.

The ergonomic design of the Glass-Filled Nylon handle and the overall construction of the tool cater to comfortable and prolonged use. It’s durable enough to withstand various environmental conditions, making it a dependable tool for any adventure.

With its compact design and reversible pocket clip, the Select Fire is as portable as a standard EDC knife. It’s easy to carry and accessible, making it an excellent choice for those who need a reliable tool at all times.

The addition of a bit driver and a customizable bit set enhances its functionality. This feature is particularly useful for minor repairs and adjustments, adding to the tool’s versatility without overwhelming its primary function as a knife.

Considering its quality, functionality, and durability, the Kershaw Select Fire offers exceptional value for money. It’s a budget-friendly option for those who seek a high-quality tool without the hefty price tag of some premium multi-tools.

While it may not have the extensive range of tools found in some high-end multi-tools, the Select Fire holds its own with its focused functionality and quality construction. It’s a practical choice for users who prioritize a good knife alongside basic multi-tool features.

The Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool Knife is an exemplary tool for anyone who values efficiency, functionality, and quality in their gear. It’s perfectly suited for everyday carry, light outdoor activities, and general handyman tasks. Whether you are an avid camper, hiker, or someone who appreciates having a reliable multi-tool on hand, the Kershaw Select Fire is a commendable choice​​​​.

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