8 Best Bow Slings

Last Updated December 9, 2023
Top 3 Best Bow Slings
Southland Archery Universal Padded Crossbow Sling
Southland Archery Universal Padded Crossbow Sling
  • Durable Material: Made with nylon webbing and a comfortable shoulder pad.
  • Weight Distribution: Evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders, great for long treks.
  • Adaptability: Fits various crossbows with a minor modification.
  • Design Options: Comes in black and camo print.
  • Affordability: Reasonably priced with good value.
Allen Company Compound Bow Hunting Carrying Sling
Allen Company Compound Bow Hunting Carrying Sling
  • Waterproof Fabric: Made from Realtree AP camo fabric.
  • Adjustability: Can be adjusted to fit any compound bow snugly.
  • Protection Features: Elastic band and padded ends protect the bow’s cams.
  • Carrying Options: Can be carried on the shoulder or by hand.
  • Compact Storage: Rolls up into a small bundle for easy storage.
Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling
Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling
  • Material: Braided paracord with a leather yoke and metal grommet.
  • Versatility: Fits almost any compound bow.
  • Safety Feature: Prevents the bow from slipping from hands while shooting.
  • Emergency Utility: Provides cordage in case of emergency.
  • Lightweight and Inexpensive: Easy to use and affordable.
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Most archers today shoot bows that are more powerful and more complicated than in the past. Modern bows require modern tools to properly aim and shoot them, one of which is a quality bow sling. Depending on the type of archery you practice a bow sling goes from something that enhances your comfort to something that provides an essential element of your archery. Today we’ll be covering the best bow slings on the market to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

What is a Bow Sling

A bow sling is a device used by archers and arbelists to hold their bows or crossbows. There are many different types of bow slings available depending on the type of bow you shoot and your activity.

Modern bow slings are a lot more about providing stability, comfort, and optimal accuracy than they were in the past.

Best Bow Slings Reviewed

Bow slings today are a whole lot different from the old bits of rope or leather used to tie a bow onto your back. For competition archers especially a high-quality bow sling is an essential piece of equipment for their sport.

We’ve selected some of the best bow slings that work well for a range of different activities, bow types, and archery styles.

Southland Archery Universal Padded Crossbow Sling

Southland Archery Universal Padded Crossbow Sling
The Southland Archery bow sling product picture

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I embraced the Southland Archery Universal Padded Crossbow Sling as a much-needed accessory for my outdoor adventures. As someone who thrives in the embrace of nature, be it hiking or camping, having a reliable sling for my crossbow is indispensable. The sling came in a sleek black design, though the camo print option was tempting for a more rugged look.

The durable nylon webbing of the sling, coupled with a nylon shoulder pad, promised a safe and comfortable carriage of my crossbow. And it didn’t disappoint. As I hooked it onto my crossbow, one clip near the top and the other at the bottom, I immediately felt the even distribution of weight across my shoulders. This design made trekking through dense woods less burdensome and more enjoyable.

Initially, I had a minor hiccup with the swivel clips. They were a bit tricky to open, and fitting them into the openings on my crossbow required a tad bit of ingenuity. Similar to the experience of another user, the front end was too wide for my pistol crossbow. However, a spare key ring came to the rescue, creating a perfect fit. This minor modification didn’t take away from the essence of what the Southland Archery Sling was designed for. It was exactly what I had been scouring the market for – a blend of comfort, safety, and affordability.

The sling significantly dampened the weight of my crossbow on my shoulder, making it easier to move around. It was during a serene early morning hunt that I truly appreciated this feature. As I stalked through the foliage in pursuit of game, the sling held up, proving to be a reliable companion that melded with the natural rhythm of my movements.

On a recent weekend expedition into the heart of the wilderness, the Southland Archery Sling proved to be more than just a convenient accessory. As dawn broke, casting a soft glow through the dense canopy, I found myself amidst a serene yet wild setting, a perfect scenario for testing my new sling. With my crossbow snugly nestled against my back, I embarked on a hike through the undulating trails. The sling’s padded shoulder strap embraced my frame comfortably, almost becoming a part of me. The initial encounter with a wild turkey gave me the chance to swiftly unhook my crossbow, the sling yielding smoothly to my motions. The ease with which I moved around, stalking and eventually bagging my prey, was a testament to the sling’s ergonomic design.

The day rolled on, and as I navigated through the thickets and across babbling brooks, the sling maintained its comfortable hold, the crossbow’s weight almost forgotten. As I set up camp by a tranquil lake, reflecting on the day’s adventure, I realized the sling had effortlessly blended into my outdoor experience, amplifying the joy of being one with nature. This wasn’t just a utility accessory, it was a bridge connecting my adventurous spirit with the wild realm.

Lastly, the price was the cherry on top. It was very affordably priced, a rare find for such quality. The Southland Archery Crossbow Sling is not just a purchase, but an investment for the avid outdoorsman. The comfort and ease it brought to my outdoor escapades were well worth every penny, and I can’t help but recommend it to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Durable Material: The nylon webbing and shoulder pad provide a durable and comfortable carrying experience.
  • Weight Distribution: Attaches at two points on the crossbow, distributing the weight evenly across the shoulders, which is invaluable during long treks or hunts.
  • Affordability: Priced very reasonably, offering good value for the cost.
  • Adaptability: With a minor modification, it can fit various types of crossbows, even a pistol crossbow.
  • Design Options: Available in black or camo print, catering to different aesthetic preferences.


  • Swivel Clip Design: The swivel clips can be tricky to open and might require some adjustments to fit certain crossbow models.
  • Fit: Might not fit all crossbow types without a small modification, like adding a key ring.

Allen Company Compound Bow Hunting Carrying Sling

Allen Company Compound Bow Hunting Carrying Sling
The Allen Company bow sling product picture

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The Allen Company Compound Bow carrying sling is designed for the unique needs of the modern bow hunter. It’s made from waterproof Realtree AP camo fabric and is adjustable from 40” down.

This allows you to fit just about any compound bow snugly inside. It features an elastic band around the edges and padded ends to help protect your bow’s cams.

It’s designed to be carried either on the shoulder or by the hand. Either option is padded for comfort. One feature we really liked was the built in D-ring attached. It allows you to secure your bow to a treestand with nothing but a bit of cordage and a good knot.

This is crucial if you plan to set your bow down at all while you’re sitting in your stand. When you’re done hunting it rolls up into a very compact bundle for easy storage.

Overall the Allen Company Compound Bow carrying sling is a great option for the bow hunter who wants to keep their compound bow secure during a day hunting.

Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling

Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling
The Ace Two Tactical bow sling product picture

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The Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling is a paracord wrist style bow sling designed for compound bows. It’s made using braided paracord with a leather yoke reinforced with a metal grommet.

It fits on just about any compound bow and helps prevent it from slipping from your hands while shooting. Because it’s made mainly from paracord it also provides a significant amount of cordage in case of an emergency.

The Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling is a lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to use bow sling. It goes on easily and fits for most any archer.

Barnett Cross Crossbow Sling

Barnett Cross Crossbow Sling
The Barnett Cross bow sling product picture

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The Barnett Cross Crossbow Sling is a highly adjustable sling designed to fit most crossbows. It’s made from durable braided nylon with a reinforced polymer shoulder pad.

This gives you serious security for your crossbow without sacrificing comfort. It can attach to just about any crossbow with a tool free universal attachment system. We found it to slip on and off quickly and easily once you got the hang of it.

If you’re out hunting and need a way to securely carry your crossbow without adding to the weight, the Barnett Cross Crossbow Sling is a good and affordable option.

Paradox Products Finger Sling

Paradox Products Finger Sling
The Paradox bow sling product picture

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The Paradox Products Finger Sling is a minimalist finger style bow sling designed for use with recurve bows. It’s made from braided nylon with a small plastic tube around the middle to hold the slack in place.

It fits easily over your thumb and forefinger and fits most recurve bows. You can choose from a variety of different colors and patterns to match your tastes. The cordage itself is smooth to the touch and was comfortable for multiple shots in quick succession.

The Paradox Products Finger Sling is a lightweight and highly affordable bow sling. It’s a good choice for archers just starting out who want to pursue competition archery.

Hunters Specialties Speed Sling Bow Sling

Hunters Specialties Speed Sling Bow Sling
The Hunters Specialties bow sling product picture

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The Hunters Specialties Speed Sling Bow Sling is a stalking style bow sling designed for hunters. It’s made with durable nylon straps in a Realtree camo pattern and a non-slip neoprene shoulder pad.

This gives you a secure hold even while moving with purpose without sacrificing comfort. It uses a quick release buckle system that allows you to attach it to any compound bow. When a target presents itself you can access your bow in seconds without making much sound at all.

You can wear it on either a single shoulder or across your back. This makes it much easier to find a comfortable way to carry your bow while out in the field.

All in all the Hunters Specialties Speed Sling is a quality product at a very reasonable price.

Primos Neoprene Bow Sling

Primos Neoprene Bow Sling
The Primos Neoprene bow sling product picture

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The Primos Neoprene Bow Sling is a stalking style sling designed for bow hunters. It provides full protection for the cams, cables, and strings of your bow while on the trail.

It does this with an elasticized neoprene sleeve with a pair of security buckles that attach to an adjustable shoulder strap. This gives you an excellent protective cover for your bow and a very comfortable carry strap.

The Primos Neoprene Bow Sling is a little more expensive than many other bow slings on our list, but it provides great value for your money.

Allen Company Paracord Braided Wrist Bow Sling

Allen Company Paracord Braided Wrist Bow Sling
The Allen Company bow sling product picture

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The Allen Company Paracord Braided Wrist Bow Sling is a durable bow sling for archers who prefer an open grip on their bow. It’s made from braided paracord with a full grain leather yoke to attach to your bow’s stabilizer.

It’s fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit that allows it to catch on your wrist if you drop your bow but still provides enough space for effective aim. It includes a stabilizer adapter nut to help you quickly fit it to your bow.

The braid on this sling is wider than many similar wrist slings. This helps distribute the weight more evenly when it falls onto your wrist.

Buyers Guide to Buying the Best Bow Sling

Picking out the best bow sling really comes down to the type of archery you’re practicing. Competition archers shooting recurve bows have significantly different needs to a hunter with a tricked out compound bow.


For the most part a bow sling is going to be one of the cheaper parts of your archery rig. You can find quality slings for just over $10 and will rarely spend more than $30 to $40.

This does depend on what type of bow sling you choose, with larger slings costing more than smaller ones.

Types of Bow Sling

When laymen picture a bow sling they’re probably thinking about a length of leather or cloth that you use to hold your bow to your back. For practiced archers though, there are three different types of bow slings in widespread use today, plus slings specialized for crossbows.

Finger Sling – Finger slings are used by competition archers all the way up to Olympic level athletes. They’re basically just a small string sling that goes between your index finger and thumb.

A recurve bow naturally moves forward when the string is released. Traditional archers held firmly onto the riser of the bow to prevent it from falling. The downside to this is that it introduced inconsistencies into your shot through torque from your hand.

A finger sling allows you to hold the riser with a loose grip that allows the bow to move forward slightly when you release your shot. For competition archers this type of sling is essential.

Wrist Sling – Wrist slings are commonly used by archers shooting compound bows and hunters shooting from blinds. They’re basically just a safety measure to prevent your bow from falling to the ground should it slip from your hand.

They’re designed to fit loosely around your wrist and should always be mounted to the bow rather than to your hand. If they’re tight on your wrist they put pressure on your hand and affect the accuracy of your shot.

Stalking Sling – A stalking bow sling serves a different purpose to a wrist or finger sling. It allows you to comfortably move around with your bow in an easy to access ready position.

If you’re out bow hunting a stalking sling is the way to go. It makes it easy to move through the woods after prey animals without having to hold your bow constantly.

Crossbow Slings – Crossbow slings have a lot more in common with hunting and tactical rifle slings than they do with bow slings. They’re designed to attach to the body of your crossbow and hold it either on your back or suspended in front of you.

You can choose from several different styles of crossbow slings. Some of the most common are traditional strap style slings that go over your shoulder or across your body. These hold your crossbow at your side or on your back.

For a more tactical look you can get slings that attach at the butt of your crossbow. These are designed to hang from your front and keep your crossbow at the ready position.

Durability and Bow Protection

Different types of bow slings function in very different manners but have the same goal. Protecting your bow from damage. Wrist and finger slings are designed for recurve and compound bows to prevent them from falling to the ground.

They’re made from durable yet lightweight cordage and made to fit comfortably on your hand. Stalking slings are much larger and use a heavier duty construction.

It has to bear the weight of your bow over miles of potentially rough terrain. Because of this, they’re a lot heavier and can stand up to more significant bumps and knocks.


The last thing you want is a bow sling that causes you discomfort. Finger slings and stalking slings are the most important ones to consider here.

Finger slings are wrapped snugly around your fingers and will hold nearly the full weight of your bow against your thumb and forefinger. Make sure the material you choose is comfortable against you skin and wide enough that it doesn’t have a garrote like effect on your fingers.

For stalking you want to have a nice wide shoulder strap with adequate padding. They’re going to hold up the full weight of your bow for up to several hours at a time while you’re basically hiking across the country. Make sure it feels right and sits comfortably on your shoulders.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bow Slings

Are you curious about bow slings and their benefits for your camping, survival, or hunting adventures? In this FAQ section, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about bow slings to help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or an outdoor enthusiast looking to enhance your archery experience, we’ve got you covered. From the basics of bow slings to their compatibility, attachment methods, and advantages, we’ll address your queries to ensure you have a thorough understanding of this essential gear accessory. So, let’s dive into the frequently asked questions and shed light on everything you need to know about the best bow slings.

What is a bow sling?

A bow sling is a strap or harness designed to secure and carry a bow conveniently. It allows hunters and archers to keep their hands free while hiking, climbing, or moving through rugged terrain, providing both safety and ease of access to their bow.

Why should I use a bow sling?

Using a bow sling offers several benefits. It helps to reduce fatigue by distributing the weight of the bow across your shoulder and back, freeing up your hands for other tasks. It also ensures that your bow is securely attached, preventing accidental drops and damage. Additionally, a bow sling keeps your bow in a ready position, allowing for quick and easy access during hunting or shooting situations.

Can I use any bow sling with my bow?

While many bow slings are designed to be versatile and compatible with different bow types, it’s always recommended to check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility. Certain bow slings may have specific attachment mechanisms or sizing requirements that are best suited for particular types of bows.

How do I attach a bow sling to my bow?

The attachment process may vary depending on the specific bow sling model. However, most bow slings have adjustable straps or buckles that wrap around the upper and lower limbs of the bow. Some slings also come with additional clips or hooks for quick and secure attachment. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper installation.

Are there different types of bow slings available?

Yes, there are various types of bow slings to cater to different preferences and hunting styles. Some common types include wrist slings, shoulder slings, and backpack-style slings. Wrist slings attach to your wrist and help maintain control over the bow during the shot. Shoulder slings are worn over the shoulder and allow hands-free carrying of the bow. Backpack-style slings provide the convenience of carrying the bow on your back, similar to a backpack.

What features should I consider when choosing a bow sling?

When selecting a bow sling, consider factors such as comfort, adjustability, durability, noise level, and ease of use. Look for padded straps or ergonomic designs for enhanced comfort during extended use. Adjustable straps ensure a proper fit for different body types and gear setups. Durability is crucial to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, while minimal noise is desirable to avoid alerting game animals. Finally, opt for a bow sling that is easy to install and remove for convenience in the field.

Can a bow sling affect my accuracy?

A well-designed bow sling should not significantly impact your accuracy. However, it’s essential to practice shooting with the sling attached to get accustomed to any slight changes in bow handling and balance. With practice, most archers and hunters adapt quickly and find that a bow sling enhances their shooting experience by providing a stable and secure platform.

Are bow slings only useful for hunting?

No, bow slings are not limited to hunting purposes. They are also valuable for target shooting, 3D archery, and even when participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Bow slings offer convenience and safety by keeping your bow secure and easily accessible whenever you need it, regardless of the specific activity you’re engaged in.

Remember, when choosing the best bow sling for your needs, consider your personal preferences, hunting style, and the specific demands of your outdoor pursuits. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and usage to ensure a reliable and enjoyable experience.

Best Bow Slings Recapped

Final Thoughts

When you boil it down, picking out the best bow sling is really about the sport you’re practicing.

Bow hunters can benefit from stalking slings and wrist slings, while competition archers with their recurve bows will find finger slings ideal.

So long as you know what type of sling works best for your activity it’s easy to pick out the perfect one for your needs.

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