8 Best Bow Sights

Last Updated December 9, 2023
Top 3 Best Bow Sights
IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight
IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight
  • Sturdy magnesium frame, durable for outdoor use.
  • RetinaLock fiber optic pin system for improved accuracy.
  • Colored, adjustable pins for better targeting.
  • Built-in rangefinder with clear OLED display.
  • Precision bubble level and axis adjustments.
  • Heavier build, with a complex initial setup.
Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight
Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight
  • 7 rheostat lit fiber optic pins for easy adjustment.
  • Micro click adjustment knobs for windage and elevation.
  • 2nd and 3rd dimension adjustments for accuracy.
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum and stainless steel construction.
  • Glow in the dark ring and bright pins for low light conditions.
TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight
TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight
  • Lightweight composite material with aluminum hardware.
  • Glow in the dark shooter’s ring and Pro Brite pins for visibility.
  • Tool-less adjustment system for elevation and windage.
  • Versatile mounting options.
  • Affordable price with good features for long-range shooting.
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Bow hunting is one of the best ways for seasoned hunters to experience a real challenge. Using a bow takes a lot more patience and practice to master than other forms of hunting. One of the first questions new bow hunters will need to ask themselves is what kind of bow sight they want to use. A quality bow sight makes hitting moving game a lot easier. Today we’ll be covering some of the best bow sights on the market to find the best option for your needs.

Best Bow Sights Reviewed

When you’re picking out bow sights there are a lot of factors to consider. The most important are your budget, how you hunt, and what you’re hunting for.

There are literally hundreds of different bow sights on the market, each offering different feature sets and gimmicks. We picked out some of the best across a range of price points and styles to make choosing your perfect bow sight easier.

IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight

IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight
The IQ Define Pro bow sight product picture

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Oh, the adventure with my IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight began much before the hunting season kicked off. As someone who thrives in the embrace of nature, be it hiking or camping, I found a new companion in this sight for my bow-hunting escapades. Its sturdy magnesium frame almost narrates the tales of the rugged outdoors, while the RetinaLock fiber optic pin system is like the North Star amidst a dark, unchartered forest. Each pin, with its distinct hue, is not just a tool, but a guide leading you to your target even in the fading daylight.

But ah, the journey to mastery was akin to a rough trail rather than a leisurely stroll through the woods. Setting it up felt like preparing for a long, strenuous hike. The instructions seemed to be written in an ancient, cryptic language, with YouTube guides turning out to be false trails rather than shortcuts to alignment nirvana. However, patience and perseverance, my old friends from numerous outdoor excursions, played their part. The alignment process was a detailed map to be deciphered, not a hurdle to be jumped over. And once deciphered, the sight became an extension of not just the bow, but of myself.

I could feel its weight, a tad more than I’d have liked, but in the heat of the moment, it lent a steadiness to my aim, much like a seasoned hiker’s sturdy boots anchoring him to the rocky terrain. The pins, although a bit larger, were like bright stars guiding me through the dark uncertainty that every moving target brings along. And oh, the RetinaLock, it was like finding a clear, serene lake in the midst of a dense, confusing forest. It eliminated the minor tweaks my bow suffered, courtesy of my GoPro’s presence, rendering my shots as consistent as the endless, comforting rhythm of nature that surrounds me during my outdoor exploits.

The built-in rangefinder, a nifty companion, erased the need to range before drawing, making sudden target opportunities less of a frantic rush and more of a calculated encounter. However, the love affair with the 20-yard pin wasn’t meant to be, as my bow and I found our rhythm in the flatter shots.

During one of my early morning ventures into the woods, the crisp autumn air carried a blend of anticipation and the earthy aroma of the wilderness. As I tread softly on the leaf-laden trail, my eyes caught a sudden movement in the distance. A majestic deer was grazing, unaware of the silent observer. My heart raced as I carefully nocked an arrow and drew my bow. The IQ Define Pro 7-Pin sight was my silent companion in this dance of patience and precision. As I aimed, the clarity of the pins against the dawning light was surreal, each pin a whisper of guidance.

The rangefinder did its silent math, and I adjusted my aim accordingly, the RetinaLock ensuring my bow was steady and true against the slight morning chill that attempted to sway it. The release was a whisper, the arrow a promise fulfilled as it found its mark. The sigh of the wilderness seemed to carry a note of approval as I approached my prize. Each step resonated with the silent, reliable assurance the IQ Define Pro offered, making this hunt not just a successful endeavor, but a harmonious blend of man, nature, and machine. It wasn’t just about the hunt, but the journey, the silent companionship of the IQ Define Pro, and the unspoken bond of respect between the hunter and the hunted.

In retrospect, the IQ Define Pro 7-Pin is not just a sight, but a companion for those willing to traverse the rough trail of initial setup to enjoy the endless, serene trails of accurate, rewarding hunts thereafter. And as I venture into the wilderness, with the cool breeze carrying away the echoes of the shots, I know the IQ Define Pro is a story not just told through its features but lived through every aim, every draw, and every rewarding hit on the target.


  • Sturdy magnesium frame suitable for outdoor and rugged use.
  • RetinaLock fiber optic pin system enhances accuracy and consistency.
  • Distinctly colored, easily adjustable pins without the need for tools, facilitating targeting at longer distances.
  • Built-in rangefinder with a clear OLED display for quick range adjustments, especially useful in fast shot situations or with moving targets.
  • Precision bubble level and 2nd, 3rd axis adjustments further fine-tune aiming.
  • Once set up, the sight significantly enhances hunting or shooting experience, providing a seamless extension to the bow.


  • Setup and alignment can be time-consuming and challenging, especially during the hunting season.
  • The sight is on the heavier side, which could be a concern for some users.
  • Pins are slightly larger than preferred, which may affect preference for finer targeting.
  • The rangefinder calibration relies on the 20-yard pin, which may not suit bows with flatter shot trajectories from 15-23 yards.
  • Lack of comprehensive or helpful setup guidance outside of manufacturer’s instructions may lead to frustration during the initial setup phase.
  • The sight may require ongoing adjustments, especially during the learning curve phase.

Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight
The Trophy Ridge React Pro bow sight product picture

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The Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 is a moveable bow sight incorporating a lot of really useful features. It offers 7 rheostat lit fiber optic pins designed to provide the easiest possible adjustment.

The pins are fitting together with a high level of precision to allow you to instantly adjust 5 pins through setting just one. This makes it much easier to dial in your bow sight.

Adjustments can be made with micro click adjustment knobs that allow minute changes for windage and elevation. This allows you to fully adjust your sight without a single tool.

You can also make 2nd and 3rd dimension adjustments to further heighten your accuracy. If you plan to hunt at night you’ll love the glow in the dark ring and bright fiber optic pins. They make it very easy to put your sight over the target and lock in.

It’s made with a lightweight yet highly durable aluminum assembly and stainless steel hardware. This makes it plenty strong enough to handle moving through rough country on the hunt.

TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight

TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight
The TRUGLO Hyper-Strike bow sight product picture

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The TRUGLO Hyper-Strike is a value priced ultra-lightweight bow sight designed for long range shots. It’s available in either a 5-pin or 7-pin version and offers some pretty nice features for its price.

It’s made from a lightweight composite material with aluminum hardware. The shooter’s ring is coated with a glow in the dark compound and each pin is made from Pro Brite for increased visibility in low light conditions.

It uses a tool-less adjustment system that lets you make minute changes based on elevation and windage. It can be mounted in a variety of different configurations based on your specific needs.

All in all the TRUGLO Hyper-Strike is a good enough bow sight for a very affordable price.

Garmin Zero A1 Bow Sight

Garmin Zero A1 Bow Sight
The Garmin Zero A1 bow sight product picture

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The Garmin Zero A1 is a reticle style bow sight with tons of advanced and in-demand features. It’s effective at up to 100 yards on live game or 300 yards on reflective targets.

As a reticle style bow sight it offers a seamless transition for archers accustomed to shooting with modern rifles. Instead of using multiple or hand adjustable pins, the Zero A1 lets you focus on one or a row of glowing dots.

Even better, the A1 automatically adjusts as the distance changes. This means you can simply line it up with your prey without worrying about which pin you’re supposed to be aiming with.

It’s honestly one of the easiest to use and most accurate bow sights available, with a single caveat. Price. The Garmin Zero A1 is one of the priciest bow sights we’ve ever seen, coming in at close to $1,000 retail.

If you want the best and are willing to pay for it the Garmin Zero A1 is an excellent and intuitive bow sight great for beginners or experienced archers.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight
The Trophy Ridge Volt bow sight product picture

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The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is a value priced 5-pin moveable bow sight. It’s made from a lightweight polymer and offers features usually only found on significantly more expensive bow sights.

The pins are .019 inches, perfect for longer distance shots, and can be adjusted with a pair of knobs. This makes it easy to zero in your sights out in the field. They’re lit up with a rheostat light and include a spirit level to aid in accuracy.

The ring itself is coated with a glow in the dark material to make low light shots a whole lot easier to take. It can be mounted in three different positions depending on your preference.

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is a pretty good bow sight at a really good price. It offers solid performance and acceptable accuracy given it’s very affordable price.

Spot-Hogg Archery Products Fast Eddie Sight

Spot-Hogg Archery Products Fast Eddie Sight
The Spot-Hogg bow sight product picture

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The Spot-Hogg Archery Products Fast Eddie Sight is a highly customizable bow sight designed for the experienced hunter. It’s made using machined aluminum and features some of the most in-demand features from modern archers.

The Fast Eddie is available in everything from single pin all the way up to 7-pin variants. It also offers a unique double pin system with two ultra thin pins to give you an easier to sight targeting system.

This lets you customize your sight to your personal preferences. The sights are adjustable through a silent clickless system and include a level for maximum accuracy.

All in all the Fast Eddie by Spot-Hogg Archery is a great bow sight for the experienced hunter.

HHA Optimizer Lite

HHA Optimizer Lite
The HHA bow sight product picture

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The HHA Optimizer Lite is a moveable bow sight designed to provide the most accurate experience possible. It’s made from machined aluminum and includes some of the most popular features hunters look for in a bow sight.

It uses a highly accurate sight tape paired with ultra smooth adjustment knobs. This allows you to near instantly adjust your sight to the desired yardage, windage, and elevation. It includes a level and has a glow in the dark sighting ring.

The pin is a bright fiber optic that gives you excellent sights in low light conditions. Honestly, the most attractive thing about the Optimizer Lite is its simplicity. It lacks some of the more complicated features of other bow sights and focuses on providing the easiest and most effective shooting experience.

Topoint Archery

Topoint Archery
The Topoint bow sight product picture

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The Topoint Archery sight is a value priced 3- or 5- pin bow sight. It offers the basic features you need to accurately shoot your bow at a rock bottom price.

It’s made from lightweight aluminum and is designed to work for both left and right-handed archers. It includes a level to aid in accuracy and can be adjusted for windage and elevation.

It does require a tool to adjust the pins, making it more difficult to fiddle around with in the field, but provides pretty good accuracy once you’ve got it zeroed in. The sighting ring has a bright white edge to aid in visibility, while the pins themselves are made from fiber optics designed to catch the light.

We’ll be honest, the Topoint Archery Bow Sight is a long way from the top of the line. For less than you’d pay for a sit-down meal it provides you with an adequate bow sight that will get the job done.

Best Bow Sight Comparison Table

Buyers Guide to Buying the Best Bow Sight

You’ve got a whole lot of choices when you’re looking at bow sights. Different bow hunters have different specific needs and preferences as to sights. Start by figuring out what type of site you want and your budget.

Many of the other key features will be decided by those two factors.


Bow sights, like most optics, vary wildly in price. You can pick up a workable sight for less than $20, or spend close to $1,000 on a top of the line model with all the most advanced features.

Depending on what kind of features you’re looking for your sight will probably fall somewhere in between.

Bow Sight Types

There are several major types of bow sights currently on the market. Three different types, fixed pin sights, moveable/single pin sights, and pendulum sights, make up the majority.

Fixed Pin Bow Sights – Fixed pin bow sights are by far the most common type of bow sight available. They come with either vertical or horizontal pins, though horizontal pins are more popular.

The vast majority of fixed pin sights have multiple pins present. They’re fixed into place at a variety of different yardages. This allows you to aim effectively at game animals that are moving rapidly and changing the distance.

You can choose from a variety of different yardages, allowing you to customize your various aimpoints. The only real downside to fixed pin sights is how involved adjustment is. For most sights you’ll need to use a dedicated tool to set them.

Generally this isn’t too much of a problem, as most hunters set their pins well ahead of a hunt.

Movable Pin Bow Sights – Moveable pin bow sights, also commonly known as single pin sights, rely on a single adjustable pin. They usually work by sliding the sight forward and backwards based on a series of premarked notches.

This allows you to have a single sight on your bow and can provide better accuracy if you have very precise measurements. The downside is you have to move the pin every time you need to adjust your aim.

You also have to adjust the position of your sight points based on the velocity of your arrow. For this reason you need a lot of experience and knowledge to use a moveable pin bow sight.

Pendulum Sights – Pendulul sights are designed for hunters using a treestand. When you try to shoot a game animal from a position of elevation it throws off the angle of your shot.

A pendulum sight is attached to a pendulum that swings out with the angle of your bow. This makes it much easier to aim accurately even when shooting down at your prey.

Reticle Sights – The newest type of sight on our list, reticle sights have more in common with modern tactical optics than they do with traditional bow sights. They’re basically identical in function and form to the red dot sights and holographic sights found on military and modern sporting rifles.

They’re very easy to zero in, offer instant adjustment to different programmed distances, and offer an identical experience to those accustomed to shooting with them on rifles. There aren’t a ton of reticle bow sights on the market but we expect to see a lot more of them very soon.

Where are you Hunting?

The terrain and plant life of your hunting grounds will play a major role in the type of bow sight you should choose. If you’re hunting in a meadow or similar open area you’ll have vastly different needs to hunters in forested hills.

Forests provide obstructed views and rarely offer shots of more than 20-30 yards. At those distances just about any bow sight will serve you well.

If you’re in a more open area you may find yourself taking shots at 50-60 yards, with occasional shots at much greater distances. At those distances adjustable sights really come into their own. They allow you to aim much more precisely than fixed sights.

What are you Hunting?

The game you’re pursuing also affects the best bow sight for your needs. If you’re hunting elk, caribou, or trophy deer just about any type of sight will work just fine.

As you get into smaller game such as wild hogs, rabbits, etc, the type and size of your sight becomes really important. A sight sized for hunting big game will be extremely difficult to use if you’re hunting rabbits.

Pin Size

The size of the pin on your bow sight affects the level of accuracy you’ll be able to achieve. Try holding a finger up next to your eye and looking at objects around you. Now try the same thing with the narrow side of a bread knife.

Your finger covers things up a lot more than a bread knife does. The same principle applies to bow sight pin size.

Smaller pins offer smaller targets and thus greater accuracy. This is especially true at close range, where most bow shots will be taken.

Adjustable Lighting

Modern bow sights offer features we only dreamed of just a few decades ago. You can now choose from a variety of sights that offer fixed or adjustable lighting.

Your basic fiber optic bow sight lights up to a single setting that makes them a lot more usable in low light conditions such as early morning or evening. Once you get into rheostat adjustable sights your mind will truly be blown.

They can go from a dim glow for low light hunting all the way up to a bright aim point in broad daylight.


If you’ve ever tried your hand at carpentry you’re familiar with a spirit level. Many modern bow sights have one built in to help you with sighting and zeroing in your bow.

They make it easy to ensure your aim is rock steady level. This prevents your shots from going high or low.

Once you get into really high-end bow sights you’ll find multi-axis levels. These allow you to achieve pin point calibration on your sight.


Other important features to consider on a bow sight include:

  • Easy to Turn Adjustment Knobs
  • Universal Fit
  • Durability

Universal fit and easy to turn knobs both relate to adjustment and use. An ambidextrous bow sight is great for those who like to shoot right and left handed. The easy to turn knobs make it much easier to make field adjustments to your sight without needing to bring fiddly little tools with you.


Most bow sights weigh less than a pound. Unless you’re getting into really large sights it’s rare that they’ll affect your aim. It’s important to think about nonetheless.

As they grow heavier they’ll add to your fatigue in carrying, aiming, and shooting your bow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Best Bow Sight

As you embark on your camping, hiking, and survival adventures, having the right equipment is paramount. When it comes to archery, a reliable bow sight can significantly enhance your shooting accuracy, whether you’re hunting for food or improving your archery skills in the great outdoors. To address the common queries and help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the best bow sights. From understanding the different types of sights to tips on installation and maintenance, this FAQ section aims to provide you with the essential knowledge to choose the perfect bow sight for your needs. So, let’s delve into the world of bow sights and explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions!

What is a bow sight?

A bow sight is an accessory mounted on a bow to help archers aim more accurately. It typically consists of pins, dots, or crosshairs that align with the target, allowing for improved precision and shot consistency.

Why is a bow sight important for camping, hiking, and survival activities?

In camping, hiking, and survival scenarios, having a reliable bow sight can be crucial. It helps enhance your shooting accuracy, which can be vital for hunting game, ensuring humane kills, and acquiring food sources. A dependable bow sight can also aid in self-defense and improving overall archery skills.

What are the different types of bow sights available?

There are several types of bow sights available, including fixed-pin sights, single-pin sights, pendulum sights, and adjustable-pin sights. Fixed-pin sights have multiple pins set at predetermined distances, while single-pin sights have a movable pin for adjusting the distance. Pendulum sights are specifically designed for shooting from tree stands, and adjustable-pin sights allow you to adjust individual pins to specific distances.

How many pins should I look for in a bow sight?

The number of pins you need depends on your shooting style and the distance you typically shoot. If you mainly shoot at known distances, multiple fixed pins or an adjustable-pin sight with multiple pins can be beneficial. However, if you prefer adjusting your sight for different distances, a single-pin sight might be more suitable.

What are fiber optic pins, and why are they important?

Fiber optic pins are tiny rods that gather and transmit available light to the archer’s eye. They are often found in bow sights to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Fiber optic pins can be highly beneficial during early morning or late evening hunts when lighting conditions are challenging.

Are there any considerations for choosing a bow sight for survival situations?

When selecting a bow sight for survival scenarios, durability and ease of use are critical factors. Look for bow sights made from rugged materials, preferably with waterproof and shockproof properties. Additionally, choose a sight that is quick to adjust and easy to mount on different types of bows to ensure versatility and adaptability in unpredictable situations.

How do I sight in my bow sight?

To sight in your bow sight, start by setting a target at a known distance, such as 20 yards. Adjust the pins or sight housing until the arrows consistently hit the bullseye. Once you achieve accuracy at that distance, move on to other distances and adjust the sight accordingly.

Can I install a bow sight myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Installing a bow sight is a relatively simple process that can be done by most archers. Most bow sights come with detailed instructions and mounting hardware. However, if you feel unsure or uncomfortable, it’s always best to seek assistance from a knowledgeable archery professional.

What other accessories should I consider with my bow sight?

While a bow sight is essential, other accessories can enhance your archery experience. Some common accessories to consider include stabilizers, arrow rests, peep sights, and wrist slings. These additional tools can improve accuracy, stability, and overall shooting comfort.

How do I maintain and care for my bow sight?

Regularly inspect your bow sight for any signs of damage or wear. Keep it clean and free from dirt, debris, or moisture, as they can affect its performance. Store your bow sight in a safe and protected place when not in use, and consider periodic adjustments and tuning as needed to maintain optimal accuracy.

Remember, selecting the best bow sight depends on your individual preferences, shooting style, and intended use. Take your time to research and compare different models to find the one that suits your needs and helps you become a more proficient archer in camping, hiking, and survival situations.

Best Bow Sights Recap

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The best bow sight is the one that fits your shooting style and the type of hunting you’re doing.

It should be easy to adjust, accurate at a variety of yardages, and affordable for your budget. So long as you keep your needs in mind it’s easy to pick out a great option.

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  1. After using the TRUGLO Hyper-Strike for a few months, I’m impressed. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, and the glow-in-the-dark ring is a huge plus for early morning hunts. Adjustments are a breeze, making it perfect for quick changes in the field. It’s not only affordable but also offers features that rival more expensive models. I’ve found it to be reliable for both short and long-range shots. Highly recommend it for hunters looking for quality without breaking the bank.


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