Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend Multi Tool Review

Last Updated January 21, 2024

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend, a tool that has become an indispensable part of my outdoor and DIY experiences. As an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, camping, RVing, and various other activities, I’ve always been on the hunt for reliable and functional gear. The Gerber 800 Legend, known for its robust construction, ergonomic design, and versatile functionality, caught my attention, and I was eager to put it to the test.

In this review, I’ll take you through an in-depth analysis of the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend, sharing my personal experiences and insights. We’ll explore its design, functionality, comparison with other popular multi-tools, and weigh its pros and cons. Additionally, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions to help you determine if this multi-tool is the right fit for your needs.

Whether you’re an avid camper, a DIY enthusiast, or someone who appreciates high-quality tools, this review aims to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend. Let’s dive into the world of this remarkable multi-tool and see what it has to offer.

Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend Multi Tool

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Unmatched Ergonomics and Comfort

As someone who spends a significant amount of time outdoors, I understand the importance of having a multi-tool that’s not only versatile but also comfortable to use. The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend has become an indispensable part of my gear, primarily due to its exceptional ergonomics and comfort.

Ergonomic Design: The first thing that struck me about the Gerber 800 Legend was its design. The contoured aluminum handles with tactile rubber inserts provide a secure and comfortable grip. Whether I’m wearing gloves or my hands are damp, the tool stays firmly in my grasp. This feature is especially useful during long hikes or when I’m setting up camp, as it reduces the chance of the tool slipping from my hand.

Comfort in Use: The comfort of the Gerber 800 Legend is unparalleled. The spring-loaded pliers are a standout feature for me. They relieve hand strain, which is crucial during extended use. Whether I’m cutting wire or gripping onto something tightly, the spring-loaded mechanism ensures that I don’t have to exert excessive pressure, reducing hand fatigue significantly.

Durability Meets Comfort: Another aspect that impresses me is how the tool’s durability complements its comfort features. It has a strong stainless steel body that can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Even with this robust construction, the tool doesn’t compromise on comfort. The balance between sturdiness and ergonomic design makes it a reliable companion for any outdoor adventure.

User Feedback: My experience is echoed by other users who have found the Gerber 800 Legend to be a top-notch tool in terms of ergonomics. Many have praised its grip and ease of use, which aligns with my own experiences. It’s reassuring to know that a tool I rely on so heavily is also well-regarded by others in the outdoor community.

The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend stands out not just for its multitude of functions but for the thoughtfulness put into its ergonomic design and comfort. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a piece of equipment that has been designed with the user’s comfort and efficiency in mind, making it an essential item in my outdoor gear list.

The combination of ergonomics, comfort, and durability truly sets the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend apart from other multi-tools in the market. Whether for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity, it’s a tool that I trust and recommend without hesitation.

Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend

Versatile and Reliable Components

When it comes to outdoor gear, especially multi-tools, versatility and reliability are non-negotiable. Having used the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend extensively in various settings, I can attest to its superior range of components and their dependability. Let me take you through some of the key features that make this tool a standout in my kit.

Wide Range of Tools: The Gerber 800 Legend is equipped with a comprehensive set of tools that cater to a myriad of tasks. Here’s a breakdown of its most used components in my adventures:

  • Needlenose Pliers with Indexable, Replaceable Carbide Cutters: These have been indispensable for me, particularly when dealing with small, intricate tasks or fishing. The fact that they are spring-loaded adds to the ease of use, reducing hand fatigue significantly.
  • Plain Edge Knife: I’ve used this for everything from preparing food while camping to cutting ropes. The blade is sharp and durable, maintaining its edge even after rigorous use.
  • Fiskars Scissors: These aren’t your average multi-tool scissors. Their ability to cut through tough materials like braided fishing lines and denim has been a game-changer for me.
  • Cross Point Screwdriver: This has come in handy more times than I can count, especially when dealing with small screws in gadgets or gear.
  • Flat Blade Screwdrivers (Small, Medium, Large): These have been essential for quick fixes, whether it’s tightening a loose screw on my sunglasses or making adjustments to my camping equipment.

Special Features That Stand Out:

  • Tungsten Carbide Wire Cutters: These are not just any wire cutters. Their ability to cut through tough materials effortlessly, like #2 hard carbon steel fishhooks or piano wire, is remarkable. Plus, they are replaceable, which means the tool’s lifespan extends far beyond that of ordinary multi-tools.
  • Contoured Aluminum Handles with Rubber Inserts: This feature is crucial for grip and comfort. Whether I’m using the tool in wet conditions or for prolonged periods, the grip is always secure and comfortable.
  • Bottle Opener and File: Often overlooked, but the bottle opener has been a welcome feature during many camping trips. The file, too, has come in handy for smoothing out rough edges.

My Reliability Test: I’ve put the Gerber 800 Legend through its paces in various environments – from the humid conditions of rainforests to the dry and abrasive surroundings of deserts. It has withstood it all. The tools don’t loosen or degrade in quality, which speaks volumes about their build and reliability.

The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend isn’t just another multi-tool; it’s a comprehensive, reliable companion for any outdoor enthusiast. Its range of tools is thoughtfully curated to cover almost any situation you might encounter in the wild. The durability and functionality of each component have made this multi-tool a staple in my outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re a camper, hiker, or just someone who appreciates a good multi-tool, the Gerber 800 Legend is worth considering. It’s a testament to Gerber’s commitment to quality and innovation in outdoor gear.

Built for the Outdoors

As someone who spends a lot of time in various outdoor settings, I’ve come to appreciate gear that can withstand the elements and the rigors of active use. The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is a prime example of such gear, and here’s why it’s an excellent choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

Robust Construction for Durability: The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend’s build quality is immediately noticeable. Its strong stainless steel body, complemented by contoured aluminum handles with tactile rubber inserts, provides a sturdy and reliable structure. This combination not only offers longevity but also ensures the tool can handle the tough jobs you encounter outdoors. Whether I’m working on a campsite setup or making quick gear adjustments, the tool’s robust construction gives me confidence that it won’t let me down.

Designed for Extreme Conditions: One of the standout aspects of the Gerber 800 Legend is its ability to cope with extreme conditions. The replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutter inserts are much harder than stainless steel, allowing them to cut through materials like hard carbon steel fishhooks, piano wire, and heavy-duty fishing leader. This feature is invaluable when you’re dealing with tough materials outdoors.

Secure Grip and Ergonomic Design: When using tools in the outdoors, especially in wet or slippery conditions, a secure grip is vital. The Gerber 800 Legend’s aluminum handles with rubber inserts provide an excellent grip, ensuring the tool stays firmly in my hand. This design aspect is crucial for safety and precision, particularly when performing delicate tasks or when your hands are cold and wet.

Compact and Easy to Carry: Despite its robustness and array of tools, the Gerber 800 Legend is surprisingly compact. With a closed length of just over 4 inches and a weight of approximately 9.8 oz, it’s easy to carry and doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to my gear. The ballistic nylon sheath that comes with it is both durable and practical, making it simple to attach the tool to my belt or backpack.

My Verdict: In my experience, the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is a top-tier multi-tool for outdoor activities. Its durable construction, ergonomic design, and ability to handle a wide range of tasks make it a reliable companion, whether I’m hiking, camping, or engaging in other outdoor adventures. Its design ethos of being ready for the unexpected resonates strongly with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a multi-tool that can withstand the demands of the outdoors and provide reliable service in various situations, the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is definitely worth considering. Its blend of durability, functionality, and ergonomic design makes it an ideal choice for anyone who values high-quality outdoor gear.

Convenience at Its Best

When it comes to practicality and ease of use, especially in outdoor settings, the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend truly stands out. I’ve experienced first-hand how its features combine functionality with user-friendly design, making it an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

Quick Access and Efficient Use: One of the remarkable aspects of the Gerber 800 Legend is the ease with which I can access its tools. The design allows for quick deployment of each component, which is essential when you’re in a situation where time and efficiency matter. Whether it’s the needlenose pliers, the knife, or the screwdrivers, each tool is easily accessible and locks securely into place for use. This feature is particularly beneficial when I’m multitasking or need to quickly switch between tools.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Handling: The ergonomic design of the Gerber 800 Legend enhances its convenience significantly. The contoured aluminum handles with rubber inserts offer a comfortable and secure grip, which is crucial when working with tools in various outdoor conditions. Whether I’m wearing gloves or dealing with wet conditions, the tool remains steady in my hand, ensuring safety and precision.

Spring-Loaded Pliers for Reduced Hand Strain: As someone who often engages in prolonged tool use, the spring-loaded pliers are a godsend. This feature reduces hand strain, which is a common issue when using multi-tools for an extended period. The spring mechanism provides a smooth operation, allowing me to use the pliers with less effort and more comfort.

Compact and Portable: Despite its robust set of features, the Gerber 800 Legend is surprisingly compact and portable. The tool is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, without compromising on the range of functions. This portability is a significant advantage during outdoor activities where every ounce of weight and every inch of space counts.

The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend’s combination of quick access, ergonomic design, spring-loaded pliers, and compact form factor makes it an incredibly convenient multi-tool. It’s designed with the user’s needs in mind, ensuring that convenience and functionality go hand in hand. Whether for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure, it’s a tool that provides reliability and ease of use in every situation.

From my personal experience and based on detailed insights from sources like Gerber Gear and Blade HQ, the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is a tool that I can confidently recommend for anyone in need of a dependable, user-friendly multi-tool for the great outdoors​​​​​​​​.

Gerber MP800 Legend Multi Tool

Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend vs. Popular Multi-Tools

In the realm of multi-tools, there are a few names that consistently stand out: Leatherman, Victorinox, and Gerber. Having used the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend extensively, I’ve developed a keen sense of how it stacks up against its competitors. Here’s my detailed comparison based on my experiences and research.

Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend

Unique Features: The Gerber 800 Legend is known for its sturdy build and ergonomic design. It features spring-loaded pliers, replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters, and contoured aluminum handles with rubber inserts for a comfortable grip. Its compact design, combined with a versatile set of tools, makes it a great choice for various outdoor activities.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable, sturdy tool with a focus on ergonomics and strong, replaceable components.

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Leatherman Wave Plus

Overview: The Leatherman Wave Plus is often cited as the best overall multi-tool for its quality, durability, and value​​. It features easy-to-access tools that can be used without opening the entire unit, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Best For: Users looking for a high-quality, versatile multi-tool with a balance of features and easy accessibility.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman

Overview: Known for its lightweight design and multiple functions, the Victorinox Huntsman is an excellent value for the money​​. It’s packed with tools while maintaining a sleek profile, making it a great pocket carry.

Best For: Those who prefer a classic Swiss Army Knife with a wide range of functions in a compact design.

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Leatherman Skeletool CX

Overview: The Skeletool CX is another popular choice from Leatherman, known for its minimalist design. It’s a simplified, full-size multi-tool that’s incredibly lightweight and user-friendly​​​​.

Best For: Individuals who need a basic, reliable multi-tool for everyday carry without the bulk of additional features.

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Gerber Center Drive

Overview: The Gerber Center Drive stands out for its excellent screwdriver, which feels like a full-sized tool. It’s a versatile tool with well-made components and a focus on usability​​.

Best For: Users who value a superior screwdriver function in their multi-tool, along with general versatility.

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In summary, the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend holds its own in the market dominated by Leatherman and Victorinox. Its strong suit lies in its ergonomics, durable build, and replaceable components. Depending on your specific needs – whether it’s a focus on ergonomics (Gerber 800 Legend), one-handed operability (Leatherman OHT), a classic Swiss Army design (Victorinox Huntsman), or a balanced all-rounder (Leatherman Wave Plus) – there’s a multi-tool that fits the bill.

Pros & Cons: Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend

In this section, I’ll provide a detailed rundown of the pros and cons of the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend, drawing from my personal experience and insights gained from various sources.


  • Robust Construction: The Gerber 800 Legend boasts a strong stainless steel body and contoured aluminum handles with rubber inserts. This construction ensures durability and longevity, ideal for rugged outdoor use​​.
  • Ergonomic Design: The tool is designed with ergonomics in mind, offering a comfortable grip and reducing hand strain, especially beneficial during prolonged use​​.
  • Spring-Loaded Pliers: This feature significantly reduces hand fatigue, making the tool more comfortable to use over extended periods, a crucial aspect for any multitool​​.
  • Replaceable Components: Notably, the tungsten carbide wire cutters are replaceable, enhancing the tool’s longevity and making it a cost-effective option in the long run​​.
  • Versatile Tool Selection: The Gerber 800 Legend comes equipped with a variety of essential tools, including needlenose pliers, a plain edge knife, Fiskars scissors, and multiple screwdrivers, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks​​.


  • Weight and Size: Weighing 9.8 oz., it might be on the heavier side for those who prefer an ultra-lightweight tool for everyday carry.
  • Complexity for New Users: The variety of tools and features might be overwhelming for someone new to multi-tools or those who prefer simpler designs.
  • Availability of Replacement Parts: While the replaceable components are a plus, finding these parts might be challenging in some regions, potentially limiting the tool’s longevity in those areas.
  • Cost: When compared to some other multi-tools in the market, the Gerber 800 Legend can be on the pricier side, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Specialty Tools: For those needing more specific tools, such as a larger saw or more specialized screwdrivers, the 800 Legend may not meet their specific needs.

The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is a robust, versatile, and ergonomically designed multi-tool, ideal for various outdoor and DIY tasks. While it may be heavier and pricier than some alternatives, its durability, comfortable use, and replaceable components make it a valuable investment for many. However, for those seeking ultra-lightweight tools or highly specialized functions, other models might be more suitable.

The choice ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences. For anyone considering the Gerber 800 Legend, weighing these pros and cons against your specific requirements will help in making an informed decision.

FAQs: Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend, based on common queries and my personal experience with the tool.

How heavy is the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend, and is it easy to carry?

The Gerber 800 Legend weighs approximately 9.8 oz. It is compact enough for easy carrying, especially with the included ballistic nylon sheath. However, it might be slightly heavier compared to some ultra-lightweight multi-tools available in the market.

Can the wire cutters be replaced, and are replacement parts easily available?

Yes, one of the standout features of the Gerber 800 Legend is its replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters. Replacement parts can generally be found through Gerber’s official channels or authorized dealers, though availability may vary by region.

Is the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend suitable for everyday carry (EDC)?

Absolutely. Its robust construction and array of tools make it suitable for EDC, particularly for those who frequently engage in outdoor activities or need a reliable tool for various tasks. Its size and weight are manageable for daily carry.

Does the Gerber 800 Legend come with a warranty?

Yes, Gerber offers a limited lifetime warranty on the Multi-Plier 800 Legend, which is a testament to their commitment to quality and customer service. This warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship​​.

How does the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend compare to other popular multi-tools in terms of functionality?

The Gerber 800 Legend is highly competitive in terms of functionality. It stands out with its ergonomic design, replaceable wire cutters, and variety of tools. However, compared to some Leatherman or Victorinox models, it might lack certain specialized tools. For a detailed comparison, please refer to the “Comparison” section above.

Is the Gerber 800 Legend waterproof or rust-resistant?

While the Gerber 800 Legend is built with high-quality stainless steel, which offers a degree of rust resistance, it is not entirely waterproof. Proper maintenance after exposure to moisture is recommended to preserve its condition.

Can all tools in the Gerber 800 Legend be accessed single-handedly?

The Gerber 800 Legend is designed for ease of use, but not all tools can be accessed single-handedly. Its design prioritizes safety and secure locking, which might require two hands for accessing certain tools.

Is the Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend suitable for professional use, such as in construction or technical fields?

Yes, its robust build and array of tools make the Gerber 800 Legend suitable for professional use in various fields, including construction and technical work. Its durability and functionality are appreciated by professionals in diverse sectors.

How does the size of the Gerber 800 Legend compare to other multi-tools?

The Gerber 800 Legend has a closed length of about 4.29 inches, which is fairly standard for full-sized multi-tools. It’s comparable to many Leatherman models, like the Wave Plus, but it might be slightly bulkier than some of the more compact Victorinox models.

Are the tools in the Gerber 800 Legend easy to access and use?

Yes, most tools in the Gerber 800 Legend are designed for easy access and use. The tool implements are well-thought-out and practical for various tasks. However, some users may find they need both hands to safely deploy certain tools.

Final Thoughts

The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend is more than just a multi-tool; it’s a reliable companion for various tasks and adventures. Its balance of ergonomics, functionality, and durability makes it a worthy investment for those who need a robust tool in their arsenal.

While it may not be the lightest or the cheapest option available, its quality and versatility justify the investment. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a professional needing a reliable tool, or someone who appreciates well-made gear, the Gerber 800 Legend caters to a broad range of requirements.

Ultimately, the choice of a multi-tool boils down to personal preference and specific needs. The Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend, with its mix of ruggedness, versatility, and user-friendly design, stands as a strong contender in the competitive world of multi-tools. It’s a testament to Gerber’s commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of outdoor and utility tools.

For those contemplating a multi-tool purchase, the Gerber 800 Legend deserves serious consideration. It offers a harmonious blend of form and function, making it a valuable addition to anyone’s toolkit.

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