9 Best Multi Tools with Pen

Last Updated October 3, 2023
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The pen may be mightier than the sword, but does it have a place on a multi tool? When we looked into this interesting new trend we discovered there were actually two schools of thought to multi tool pens. One is your classic multi tool/swiss army knife with a pen included, the other is a pen that’s built out like a multi tool. Follow along to learn more about these nifty little tools and find out our pick for the best multi tool with pen.

Best Multi Tools With Pen

The first type of multi tools we’ll be reviewing today are the multi tools that include a pen. There have long been swiss army style tools with small pen attachments, but only recently did full up multi tools begin to include them. We’ve curated a few of the best multi tools with pens to help you narrow down your search.

SOG Baton Range – Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4

Possibly the coolest multi tool pen we’ve seen so far is the SOG Baton. It uses an innovative design that combines the appearance of a standard pen with the full functionality of a fold out multi tool. The Q4 is the largest and most feature packed variant of the Baton line, including ten different tools in an extremely compact and easy to carry package. The Baton Q4’s tool include:

  • Straight Blade
  • Bolt Gripper
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Three-Sided File
  • Medium Flat Screwdriver
  • Small Flat Screwdriver
  • ¼ in Ratcheting Hex Bit Driver
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutter (Soft)

However, if you’re looking for a multi tool with a pen and not one that just looks like a pen you’ll need to buy the Baton Q1 as this is the only SOG Baton multi tool with a pressurized ballpoint pen. But we have included the whole range of SOG Baton multi tools in this guide because it’s a line of tools designed to look like a pen and will generally fit in the pen slots of backpacks and jackets.

When closed the Baton is seven inches long and about the thickness of a marker. SOG has always had a tactical bent to their products, and you can definitely see the influence of that mindset in the Baton. It’s constructed from anodized aluminum and is one of the sturdiest multi tools with pen we’ve seen so far. We really liked to innovative ratcheting bit driver design of the Q4. It’s placed right on the end of the black handle and is positioned on the centerline. SOG includes fully 12 different bits standard, something almost unheard of in a multi tool.

If you’re looking for a multi tool that looks like a pen then go for the Baton Q4, but if you need an actual pen then buy the Baton Q1.

SOG Baton Range
The SOG Baton Q1 pen multi tool product picture

Buy SOG Baton Q1 from Amazon

Buy SOG Baton Q4 from Amazon

Victorinox Swiss Army Signature Lite Pocket Knife

I’ve always been a proponent of being prepared, whether I’m navigating through the woods or simply going about my daily routine in the city. The Victorinox Swiss Army Signature Lite Pocket Knife caught my eye, and given its lineage, I was excited to have a compact companion that merged functionality with portability.

Upon receiving the Signature Lite, the first thing I noticed was its compact size; it’s a modest tool that doesn’t scream for attention yet holds a suite of practical features. It’s smaller than most key fobs, making it a great addition to my keychain without adding bulk. This little gadget swiftly found a place in my pocket, ready to assist in the mundane and the unexpected.

The assortment of tools it houses is well-thought-out for the most part. The 1.25 in straight blade, although small, handled everyday tasks like opening letters and packages reasonably well. However, I did find it lacking when faced with tougher packaging materials during my camping trips. The scissors are robust and came in handy for snipping threads and opening snack bags on the trail. The flathead screwdriver, a basic yet essential tool, made quick work of tightening screws on my camping gear.

The ballpoint pen was a delightful addition. Being someone who often finds himself jotting down notes, it’s convenient having a pen that’s always with me, without having to rummage through my backpack. And while it may not replace my trusty Fisher Space Pen, it’s a reliable backup that writes smoothly without any smudging.

Now, the LED light, although not the brightest, proved to be a significant asset during my late-night tent setups. Its modest brightness was enough to help me navigate through my camping site without disturbing the serene ambiance of the outdoors. However, the need to keep the button depressed to maintain the light was a minor inconvenience when I needed both hands.

I do wish Victorinox had incorporated a brighter light with a more user-friendly switch, perhaps even micro-USB rechargeable, aligning with the evolving lighting technology. Similarly, the inclusion of a package opener in place of, or alongside, the current blade could better cater to the practical needs of an everyday adventurer like myself.

The aesthetics, while not its strongest suit due to the thicker scales, doesn’t detract much from the overall appeal. The Signature Lite embodies a straightforward, unassuming design, much like the classic Swiss Army Knives, but with a modern twist.

During one of my recent weekend hiking trips, as the sun dipped below the horizon, I found myself in a bit of a bind. I had misplaced my primary flashlight, and the trail back to the campsite was not well-lit. Pulling out the Signature Lite from my pocket, I flicked on its LED light. Although not exceedingly bright, it cast enough light to guide my steps safely back to the campsite. Along the way, I stumbled upon a fellow hiker struggling to open a sealed package of trail mix. I offered a hand, and the Signature Lite’s small blade made quick work of it, granting us a minor, yet sweet victory over the stubborn packaging. We shared a laugh, a brief conversation, and some trail mix before parting ways. It was a simple interaction, but it reinforced the value of having a multi-functional tool always at the ready. The Signature Lite, with its modest yet practical suite of tools, turned what could have been a frustrating experience into a pleasant encounter, reminding me that sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Despite its minor shortcomings, the Victorinox Swiss Army Signature Lite has become a staple in my daily carry. It’s a well-built, thoughtful piece of everyday gear that doesn’t break the bank. Each tool, albeit some more useful than others, brings a level of preparedness that resonates with my lifestyle, whether I’m in the heart of the wilderness or the hustle of urban life.


  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for a keychain or pocket carry.
  • Versatile toolset for everyday tasks, including a blade, scissors, and screwdriver.
  • Integrated ballpoint pen provides a convenient writing tool on-the-go.
  • LED light is handy for low-light situations, albeit modest in brightness.
  • High level of craftsmanship synonymous with the Victorinox brand.
  • Reasonably priced for the array of tools provided.


  • Blade could be more robust to handle tougher materials.
  • The necessity to keep the button depressed to maintain the light can be inconvenient.
  • A brighter, possibly rechargeable light could enhance usability.
  • The thicker scales, while functional, may detract from the aesthetic appeal for some.
  • Lack of a package opener or more practical blade design for tougher packaging.
  • Absence of some tools found in larger multi-tools, like pliers or a Phillips head screwdriver.
Victorinox Swiss Army Signature Lite
The Victorinox Signature Lite pen multi tool product picture

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Victorinox Swiss Army Midnite MiniChamp Pocket Knife

The Victorinox Midnite MiniChamp is a little pocket knife that just won’t quit. At 2.25 in long it’s the same length as the classic miniature swiss army knife but the similarities stop there. The Midnite MiniChamp is more than twice as thick as a standard Victorinox pocket knife and manages to pack in 17 different tools and functions. These include:

  • 1.25 in Straight Blade
  • Smaller Blade
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • LED Light
  • Orange Peeler
  • Scraper
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wire Stripper
  • Magnetic Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Nail File
  • Nail Cleaner
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Centimeter Ruler
  • Inches Ruler
  • Keyring

That’s a lot of tools to put in such a small and lightweight pocket knife. At first read through you might wonder who would want some of them, but we like this little tool. It shows all the hallmarks of Victorinox’s commitment to high-quality Swiss craftsmanship and has an eclectic mix of tools that fill a lot of life’s little emergencies.

Even better, it’s available in a wide variety of patterns and colors that let you really personalize your EDC. For the businessman on the go or the full time parent you can find a lot of use out of the Victorinox Midnite MiniChamp.

Victorinox Swiss Army Midnite MiniChamp
The Victorinox Midnite MiniChamp pen multi tool product picture

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Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

Multi tools and pocket knives aren’t the only tools out there with pens in their repertoire. Victorinox has a long history of releasing interesting designs and the Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool is no exception. Designed to be carried in your wallet and just a few credit cards thick, the Swisscard Lite is the tool you carry when a pocket knife just isn’t feasible. Despite its small size Victorinox still managed to cram 13 useful functions into it, including:

  • Letter Opener/Small Straight Blade
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Scissors
  • Phillips Head Size ½
  • Phillips Head Size 00/0
  • 5mm Flathead
  • 3mm Flathead
  • Tweezers
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • LED Light
  • Small Steel Pin
  • Centimeter Ruler
  • Inches Ruler

You have to see the Swisscard to get a real feel for how ingeniously designed it is. Instead of the fold out tools you would expect from a pocket knife most of the included tools slide completely out. The screwdrivers were one of our favorite features. They’re all on a small metal disk that allows you to quickly find the best fit and use it with ease. We were a little worried about losing tools but found that they all stay in place securely.

Like the other Victorinox products we’ve reviewed the pen on the Swisscard wrote smoothly and had a good supply of ink. One thing we loved was the removable blade. By taking it out and leaving it at home you could easily travel all over the world with this neat little tool.

We really liked the Victorinox Swisscard Lite. It’s almost its own category as far as multi tools go, but it’s well made, packed full of useful tools, and pretty sturdy.

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool
The Victorinox Swisscard Lite pen multi tool product picture

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Best Multi Tool Pens

Now that we’ve covered multi tools with pens let’s check out pen multi tools. The first thing we noticed when looking in this category is that most of the products had a decidedly tactical, or even ‘tacticool’, focus. It’s difficult to put a lot of useful features into something the size and shape of a standard pen so many of them end up with extras that lack day to day utility. For the right kind of EDC enthusiast though there’s still a lot of value to be found in this category.

Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi Tool By EdgeWorks

The Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi tool from EdgeWorks might be a must have for contractors and others who do a lot of estimates and bids. At first glance it just looks like a bright yellow pen, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface. This pen tool has everything you need to get a quick read on a small item or surface. It’s just a bit larger than a standard pencil but has six different functions available. These include:

  • Pen
  • Stylus
  • Flat and Phillips Head Bit Driver
  • Centimeter Ruler
  • Inches Ruler
  • Bubble Level

The Screwdriver Pen has a bit more heft to it than a regular pen but you quickly get used to it. The ballpoint pen itself writes very smoothly and was easy to replace when needed. The stylus on the end tracked very well and screwed on securely when you weren’t using the screwdriver.

Both the drivers were fairly small but given the size of the pen itself this wasn’t much of a drawback. We found both the ruler and bubble level to be pretty accurate, especially for the form factor and low price. All in all, this is a really cool little multi tool pen that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi Tool
The EdgeWorks pen multi tool product picture

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Multi Function Tool Pen

The Multi Function Tool Pen is the most feature packed pen multi tool we’ve seen yet. It packs 12, that’s right 12, different functions/tools into the space of a standard pen body. It uses a radically different design compared to the other tools on this list, relying on a modular mounting system to utilize the tools. It includes tools like:

  • Scraper
  • Hole Punch
  • Saw
  • Long Blade
  • Short Blade
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Fork
  • Tweezers
  • Phillips Head
  • Wire Strippers
  • Flat Head
  • File

We’ll be honest with you, this one felt kind of gimmicky. The blades were more like exacto knives than traditional knife blades. Each of the other tools were very small and felt somewhat flimsy. It’s definitely not intended to be your only multi tool, or even your backup.

For what it costs though it was a lot of fun to play with. The little tools slide in and out of slots contained in the body easily and fit on more sturdily than we expected. Will you get a lot of use out of the Multi Function Tool Pen? Probably not. You will probably enjoy messing around with it and seeing what you can do with it.

Multi Function Tool Pen
The Knife pen multi tool product picture

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The Friendly Swede Pocket Multi Tool

The Pocket Multi Tool from the Friendly Swede is a real jack of all trades pen tool. It’s just 5.9 in long yet packs nine different tools into a pen body. It does this using an innovative screw off design that allows different segments of the pen to contain different tools. These tools include:

  • Stylus/Ballpoint Pen
  • Scraper/Small Knife Blade
  • Saw
  • Whistle
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Bottle Opener
  • Hex Wrench
  • Glass Breaker
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Right away we could tell this was built as more of a survival tool than a general purpose multi tool. The ferro rod, whistle, knife, and saw only have real use in a wilderness survival situation. That’s not to say they aren’t useful, all of the tools on the Pocket Multi Tool were well made and worked as advertised.

One thing we really loved were the spare rubber tips for the style. You get a total of five including the one already on your stylus. Overall we found this to be a well made and feature packed tool, but not one that provides a ton of day to day value. It’s definitely really cool but unless you frequent the outdoors you probably won’t use most of its features.

The Friendly Swede Pocket Multi Tool
The Friendly Swede pen multi tool product picture

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Under Control Tactical Pen

As its name suggests the Under Control Tactical Pen is first and foremost a self defense tool. It’s made from rugged anodized aluminum and designed to provide you with a kubotan like striking tool to protect yourself from attackers. It just so happens that it’s also a pretty nice pen. There are a total of four functions to this pen, including:

  • LED Light
  • Pen
  • DNA Catcher
  • Glass Breaker

The DNA catcher and glass breaker are one piece of jagged steel at the base of the pen. It’s designed to either break glass in an emergency or capture some of an attackers DNA from their skin. The LED light is pretty bright but not enough to replace a purpose built flashlight in our opinion. Overall a product that fulfills all the goals it set out to achieve, but definitely not the best multi tool with pen on the market.

Under Control Tactical Pen
The Under Control pen multi tool product picture

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Schrade Survival Tactical Pen

Schrade is a well known manufacturer of folding and fixed blade knives. The Schrade Survival Tactical Pen is their first entry into the multi tool market, combining a quality pen with several other functions popular among EDC enthusiasts. It’s made from anodized aluminum to stand up to hard use and has four different functions built into it. These include:

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Whistle
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Glass Breaker/Self Defense End

Schrade has a reputation for making quality low-cost knives and they did a pretty good job with the Survival Tactical Pen. Like many of the others on this list it lacks the daily practicality of traditional multi tool design but it does include a few useful survival features. The ferro rod and striker both do a great job touching off tinder and the whistle is honestly earsplitting. If you’ve been considering adding a tactical touch to your multi tool pen, the Schrade Survival Tactical Pen isn’t a bad choice at all.

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So do pens have a place on multi tools? Absolutely! Both Victorinox and SOG have done a great job incorporating them into high-quality and very functional multi tools. With the Baton Q4 SOG may have created an entirely new category of tool. The only real downside we saw to the Q4 was its high price. You could get several of the smaller Victorinox tools for the same price as one Baton Q4.

Finding the best multi tool with pen was a bit harder. The pen tool market is still emerging and many of the ones we saw felt more like sales tactics than actual useful tools. That being said, both the Edgeworks Screwdriver Pen Multi Tool and the Pocket Multi Tool by The Friendly Swede were well made and provided you with real value.

Overall we think this is a great category that will definitely interest any EDC enthusiast.

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