10 Best Gaiters for Hiking

Last Updated December 1, 2023
Top 3 Best Gaiters for Hiking
Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters
Outdoor Research Crocodiles Best Gaiters
  • Durable Construction: Made with 70D nylon and 1000D woven Cordura panel, these gaiters withstand rough terrains and harsh conditions.
  • Waterproof and Windproof: Equipped with Gore-Tex 3L technology for dry and comfortable hiking.
  • Ease of Use: Features hook and loop closure, top buckle, and reinforced boot lace hooks for easy wear and removal.
  • Size Range: Available in male and female-specific versions, fitting a variety of boots.
  • Extra Protection: Provides protection against irritants like poison oak and loose debris.
  • Considerations: Weighs around 12oz, posing a slight challenge in packing due to their rigid structure. Higher price point but justified by quality.
Salomon Trail Gaiters
Salomon Trail Gaiters
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Ideal for fast hiking and trail running, weighing just 2oz for the low version and 3oz for the high.
  • Material: Crafted from a flexible polyamide and elastane body, ensuring freedom of movement.
  • Convenience: Extremely easy to put on with a sole strap and chunky side closure system.
  • Reflective Details: Enhances safety on remote country roads.
  • Not Waterproof: Not suitable for keeping feet dry, more focused on preventing gravel and rocks from entering boots
Rab Latok Alpine Gaiter
Rab Latok Alpine Gaiter
  • Waterproof and Breathable: Utilizes Gore-Tex technology and tough Robic nylon for weather resistance.
  • Designed for Lower Volume Boots: Ideal for hill and mountain walking in wet conditions.
  • Robust Construction: Features a rubberized under-boot strap and flexible polymer strip to stay secure in muddy conditions.
  • Easy to Use: Equipped with a hook and loop front closure, internal strap adjustment, and a single hand drawcord top closure.
  • Price Consideration: Fairly pricey, but the quality and practical design are suitable for winter hill walkers.
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Fed up with tears in your pricey hiking pants? Sick of stopping to get trail debris out of your boots? If this sounds like you, you need to get yourself a pair of the best gaiters for hiking.

Simple in design but incredibly effective in practice, gaiters help to keep your lower legs and feet well protected from the elements and harsh terrain. After all, nobody likes hiking with sodden wet legs, scratched ankles and mud-filled boots, right?

To find the best hiking gaiters for your needs, simply read on and take a look through our comprehensive hiking gaiter reviews and buying guide. You’re sure to find your perfect pair for dry, protected legs, feet and ankles no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Best Gaiters for Hiking Reviewed

There’s a huge range of gaiters on the market for you to choose from.

To help you make your selection, we’ve reviewed ten of the very best hiking gaiters available, including a range of models to encompass different hiking styles over varying terrains and seasons, as well as a range of budgets.

Read on to find your ideal gaiters for hiking right here.

Outdoor Research Crocodiles Best Gaiters for Hiking

Outdoor Research Crocodiles Best Gaiters
The Outdoor Research Crocodiles gaiters product picture

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I was on the lookout for a solid pair of gaiters that could endure the rugged trails and rough weather conditions I often find myself in during my hiking and camping adventures. After a plethora of recommendations and some research, I decided to invest in the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters. The hype around these gaiters is not without merit – they have proven to be an indispensable part of my outdoor gear.

What initially caught my eye was the construction of these gaiters. The 70D nylon woven leg panel paired with Gore-Tex 3L technology promised waterproof, windproof, and abrasion-resistant protection, which was precisely what I was after for my outdoor escapades. And oh, did they deliver! Whether I was trudging through muddy trails, rocky paths, or crossing creeks, my legs and feet remained dry and shielded from the harsh elements.

The size range was accommodating, and I found the male-specific version to fit perfectly with my hiking boots, and even with my heavier mountaineering boots. The 1000D woven Cordura panel at the instep and the packcloth lining on the lower boot reflected a thoughtfulness in design aimed at durability. This robust construction meant that despite several encounters with sharp rocks and underbrush, the gaiters held up exceptionally well.

The practical design extends to the ease of wearing and securing them in place. The hook and loop closure, the top buckle, and reinforced boot lace hooks made putting them on and taking them off a breeze, even in cold, wet conditions. The front closure is double-stitched, hinting at a longer lifespan, a feature that any outdoor enthusiast would appreciate given the investment.

Now, they are not the lightest gaiters on the market, weighing around 12oz, but the slight weightiness is a small trade-off for the level of protection and durability they offer. They did pose a bit of a challenge when it came to packing due to their rigid structure, but this is a minor inconvenience I’m willing to overlook.

Cost-wise, the Crocodile Gaiters are on the higher end of the spectrum, but the quality justifies the price tag. The assurance of Outdoor Research’s Infinite Guarantee is a comforting bonus, showcasing a level of confidence in the product’s longevity. The gaiters have, without a doubt, lived up to their reputation and have become a staple in my outdoor gear ensemble.

Though I haven’t had any encounters with snow or crampons yet, I’m quite confident that they would hold up well, thanks to the tough instep strap and the ample velcro closure that keeps debris at bay. These gaiters have not only made my hikes and outdoor work more comfortable but have also provided a reliable layer of protection that keeps me going, regardless of the terrain or weather. The added bonus of keeping my shoe laces tied and preventing any unwanted contact with poison oak or other irritants has been invaluable.

on a recent weekend expedition, I decided to test the Crocodile Gaiters on a rough, muddy trail post a heavy rainstorm. The path was laden with puddles, slippery rocks, and mushy earth. Slipping on these gaiters over my hiking boots, I ventured out into what would have been a messy affair. The gaiters performed admirably, keeping my legs and feet dry and mud-free. The sturdy construction provided a reliable shield against the abrasive rocks and thorny bushes along the trail. I was particularly impressed when I had to cross a shallow stream.

The water level came up to the mid of the gaiters, but not a drop got through. The ease of fastening them securely meant that I didn’t have to deal with any readjustments throughout my hike, which was a significant advantage. The adventure brought to light not just the practicality of these gaiters but also the comfort they offered, making my outdoor experience considerably more enjoyable and hassle-free.

I’ve recommended the Crocodile Gaiters to many of my fellow outdoor aficionados and will continue to do so. They have undoubtedly changed my outdoor experiences for the better, and I look forward to many more adventures with them as a part of my gear.


  • Durable Construction: Built with robust materials like 70D nylon and 1000D woven Cordura panel, these gaiters are designed to withstand rough terrains and harsh conditions.
  • Waterproof and Windproof: The Gore-Tex 3L technology keeps water and wind at bay, ensuring your legs and feet remain dry.
  • Easy to Wear and Secure: The hook and loop closure, along with the top buckle and reinforced boot lace hooks, make putting on and taking off the gaiters a straightforward process.
  • Extended Size Range: Available in both male and female-specific versions, accommodating a variety of boot types and sizes.
  • Infinite Guarantee: Backed by Outdoor Research’s Infinite Guarantee, providing assurance of the product’s quality and longevity.
  • Protection from Irritants: Adds a layer of protection against poison oak, loose debris, and other irritants one might encounter on the trail.


  • Weight: At around 12oz, they are not the lightest option available, which might be a consideration for those seeking ultra-lightweight gear.
  • Packability: Due to their robust construction, they can be a bit tricky to fold up for packing.
  • Price: The higher price point could be a barrier for some, although the quality and durability justify the investment.

Salomon Trail Gaiters (High and Low)

Salomon Trail Gaiters
The Salomon gaiters product picture

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Looking for a pair of lightweight and comfortable gaiters for hiking and trail running? Check out this compact model, available in both a low and (still fairly short) high version. They won’t slow you down when speed matters, making them ideal for fast hiking or just throwing in your pack for tackling rocky, debris-strewn terrain.

Granted, this model isn’t waterproof, so if you’re looking for gaiters specifically to keep your feet dry, these Salomon gaiters won’t be the best option. Also, due to their limited coverage area, they are less suitable for protecting your lower leg from scratches. However, they are an excellent choice for keeping gravel, rocks and vegetation out of your boots, which means less discomfort and stoppage time spent emptying them out.

Crafted from a flexible polyamide and elastane body, these gaiters are made to move with you for maximum freedom out on the trail. This makes them suitable for faster paced hiking or rock hopping. They even have reflective details to help keep you safe from traffic on remote country roads.

Extremely easy to put on, thanks to their sole strap and chunky side closure system with velcro, these moderately-priced gaiters are convenient to use when on the go. At just 2oz for the low version, or 3oz for the high, they won’t weigh your pack or your feet down either. This makes them an excellent choice if you are looking at tackling rocky screes as well as gravel tracks, or anywhere where fragments or vegetation could get into your boots and slow down your hike.

Rab Latok Alpine Gaiter

Rab Latok Alpine Gaiter
The Rab Latok gaiters product picture

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If you need waterproof gaiters for general hill and mountain walking in wet weather conditions, then you can count on the Latok Alpine Gaiter by Rab to keep you dry. Available in male and female-specific versions for a snug fit, these gaiters have been designed for use with lower volume boots.

The Latok Alpine GTX combines breathability, waterproofness and abrasion-resistance – thanks to its use of Gore-Tex technology and tough Robic nylon around the ankle area. The rubberized under-boot strap is solidly constructed to take on all terrains, while the flexible polymer strip to the rear ensures that your gaiters stay put, even in challenging muddy conditions.

Easy to put on and take off, the Alpine Gaiter features a hook and loop front closure, an internal strap adjustment system and a single hand drawcord top closure – ideal when your hands are cold or you’re fumbling with gloves. They are comfortable to wear, but keep in mind that as they are better suited to lower volume footwear, they will fit a little snug around large boots and alpine pants.

That said, if you need a solidly designed, fully-waterproof pair of hiking gaiters then the Alpine Gaiters by Rab will not disappoint. They may be fairly pricey, but their quality, durability and practical design make them well worth the extra, especially for winter hill walkers in snowy and windy conditions.

Leg Shield Hiking, Hunting and Biking Gaiters

Leg Shield Hiking
The Leg Shield gaiters product picture

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These hiking gaiters by Leg Shield are a low budget unisex version, designed specifically to offer enhanced lower leg protection when you’re out on the trail. Whether you have a skin condition, are recovering post-operation or just extremely sensitive in the lower leg region, these gaiters can help to protect your legs from vegetation, debris and bruising while hiking.

Made from flexible neoprene, this model is designed to move with you and not hamper your movements. The premium hook and look closures allow you to open up the whole gaiter, making it easy to put on in a matter of seconds. And with their snug fit your legs will feel well protected during your hike.

However, there are two important things to note with these gaiters; one, they do not protect your ankle area, so they will not stop water, gravel or vegetation from getting into your boots. Secondly, as they are made from neoprene, they do tend to heat up pretty quickly, which can make wearing them in warmer weather a little unpleasant. It is also important to note that, while they are water-resistant, they are not fully waterproof.

If you’re simply looking for a little extra leg protection from bruises and scrapes when out on a hike – then this budget pair of gaiters could be just what you need. However, if you’re an experienced hiker looking for protection from the elements and sturdy ankle protection, you’ll be better off looking at a model designed exclusively for hiking and mountaineering use.

Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters
The Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain gaiters product picture

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The Rocky Mountain High Gaiters by Outdoor Research are an excellent choice for milder seasons. They weigh less than the Crocodile version, yet provide adequate protection from the damp, rocks and bushes. These essential water-resistant gaiters can even be used in light snow, should you get caught out at higher altitudes.

Made entirely from nylon, with a robust 420D packcloth leg panel, these gaiters weigh 6.8oz, making them a sturdy choice at a lighter weight than some of their hardier counterparts. Breathable and abrasion-resistant, they are ideal companions for exploring the backcountry. With their Hypalon instep strap and elastic bottom edge, they stay put over all terrains. Furthermore, thanks to their front hook and loop closure and durable buckle top, they’re also very easy to get on and off.

Although these gaiters make an excellent all-round choice and great value for money, bear in mind that they are not suitable for all conditions. If you need a good, breathable model for protection in warmer seasons, then these gaiters could be just what you’re looking for. However, if you need complete wet weather protection, you should look for another model that offers full waterproofing.

On the whole, we think these gaiters are a great, solid choice to keep rocks and dirt out of your footwear, while protecting you from vegetation and scratches. They are also an ideal choice for warmer weather exploration, thanks to their superior breathability.

Hillsound Armadillo LT Hiking Gaiter

Hillsound Armadillo LT Hiking Gaiter
The Hillsound Armadillo gaiters product picture

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Waterproof and breathable with excellent stretch and durability, there’s a multitude of reasons to opt for the Hillsound Armadillo LT Gaiter for your next hiking expedition. Whether your hikes take you through wet-weather mud, up snowy peaks or over debris-strewn trails, these professional quality gaiters will keep you protected and dry.

The Armadillo LT features a contour-fitting, lightweight three-layer upper made from Flexia 3.0 fabric that is both waterproof and breathable. For extra durability and protection, the tough lower cuff is made from 1000 denier nylon. Ideal for keeping out snow, mud and debris, no matter where the trail takes you.

These gaiters also provide extremely easy access, thanks to their waterproof YKK zippers. Combined with the flexible top section, you get a huggable, snug fit that moves with your body for a barely-there sensation that only comes with premium made gear.

Not only is the Armadillo LT highly practical and comfortable, it is also extremely durable and its TPU-coated nylon instep can even be replaced if required. In addition, this model is covered by Hillsound’s Lifetime Warranty – further proof that it’s truly made to last. In spite of this, while moderately priced, these gaiters are far from being the most expensive in our selection, making them a great value buy.

For four-season altitude hiking, backcountry exploration and even snowshoeing, the Armadillo LT by Hillsound make an excellent choice. Waterproof, breathable and comfortable, as well as highly practical to get on and off, for many users these gaiters are close to perfection.

Unigear Snow Boot Gaiters for Hiking

Unigear Snow Boot Gaiters for Hiking
The Unigear Snow Boot gaiters product picture

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These Snow Boot Gaiters for hiking by Unigear are a low price, budget option, ideal if you’re new to hiking and don’t want to spend a large amount on your first pair of gaiters. Although they may lack some of the full waterproofness and breathability of the big brand names, they do provide a good level of protection and are excellent value for money.

The upper leg is made from a three-layer nylon construction, including a TPU waterproof membrane to help keep you dry. The lower part is constructed with 1000 denier Cordura nylon, popular for its abrasion and tear-resistant properties, while the secure instep strap is constructed from TPU complete with a thickened clip. On the whole, these gaiters are well made and robust, especially given their low price point.

They are also easy to adjust and to put on and take off. The top fastening features adjustable webbing with a sturdy buckle, while the hook and loop closure is fast and highly practical. These gaiters are unisex and available in a variety of sizes to fit most average-sized adults without any problems.

Robust, weather-resistant and low priced, there’s plenty to like about these hiking gaiters. While they’re a little bulky and are not quite as breathable or waterproof as some more expensive models, for the money, they are an excellent choice for good all-round protection out on the trail.

Crackshot Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters

Crackshot Snake Bite Proof Gaiters
The Crackshot gaiters product picture

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If you hike in snake country, you need adequate protection from snake bites. Not only will these snake bite proof gaiters keep you safe from angry snakes, they are also extremely versatile and will keep you dry and protected from trail debris and vegetation.

Unisex and available in a variety of sizes, Snake Guardz are guaranteed to be snake bite proof, backed up by a million-dollar liability policy, so you can hike with your mind at ease. This version is comfortable to wear, being lightweight at only 11 ounces and allowing for a degree of air circulation for enhanced breathability.

Made with a water-repellent coating in order to keep venom away from your skin, these gaiters can also be worn as protection from mud, damp and rain. Aside from keeping you dry and cool, they are also abrasion-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about scratches from vegetation or debris.

Snake Guardz are easy to put on thanks to their snap buckle fastenings and wrap-around design for full-coverage protection. They also extended down over the laces of your hiking boots ensuring that any venom, debris and dirt stays out, for safety, protection and comfort out on the trail.

If you want to go hiking in snake country, then Snake Guardz gaiters really are a must. Not only could they potentially save your life, they are also comfortable, easy to wear and will keep your boots free from debris for a more enjoyable hike with added peace of mind. We think this alone makes them worth the higher end price tag.

Black Diamond Apex Hiking Gaiters

Black Diamond Apex Hiking Gaiters
The Black Diamond gaiters product picture

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Beautifully designed and solidly made, the Apex Gaiters by Black Diamond are a great choice for fall and winter hiking. This full height gaiter is ideal for any outing into the cold and wet, including ice climbing, snowshoeing and mountaineering, from a brand that’s famous for its high-quality and reliable outdoor wear.

Gaiters don’t come much more durable than this model, thanks to its three-layer waterproof Gore-Tex welded upper. You won’t have to worry about your crampons or any sharp rocks or debris damaging your legs. As the Gore-Tex layer is also breathable, even if you work up a sweat in the damp and cold, your legs and socks will stay dry with these gaiters.

Thanks to its neoprene-coated instep strap, these gaiters stay securely in place, even when you’re hiking through snowy or muddy conditions. Once you have fitted your gaiters, they are extremely easy to put on and take off, thanks to the front hook and loop closure and the webbing with buckle side closure.

At just over 8oz for the medium size, these gaiters are lightweight, making them even more comfortable to wear. However, they do tend to fit a little on the small side, so you may want to order a size up if you have large calves or boots.

While these gaiters are at the top-end of the price scale, they are exceptionally well made. Their abrasion-resistant welded upper really does make them a class apart for cold weather hiking protection, that can stand up to crampons, ice and snow. Easy to fit, comfortable to wear, fully waterproof and breathable, it’s little wonder these gaiters are an extremely popular model for winter mountaineering and hiking.

Kenetrek Unisex Hunting Gaiter

Kenetrek Unisex Hunting Gaiter
The Kenetrek Unisex gaiters product picture

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These unisex hunting gaiters by Kenetrek make an excellent, no-nonsense choice for hiking out in the backcountry. Comfortable to wear, easy to put on and providing plenty of knee-down protection, these gaiters are virtually indestructible and will stand up to almost any hike over all types of terrain.

Featuring an extra durable nylon exterior, with a 1000 denier reinforced boot section, these gaiters will stand up to long days on the trail. And thanks to their breathable Stormblocker membrane, your legs and feet will stay dry both outside and inside, whether it’s pouring with rain or you’re working up a sweat.

Easy to adjust with cam-lock buckles on the top webbing straps, once you’ve fitted your gaiters they go on in seconds thanks to the front opening full-length hook and loop closure. This means you won’t have to mess about trying to slip them on over your boots.

Designed to stand up to the rigors of extended hunting trips over all terrains, these gaiters are an excellent choice for hiking, especially mountaineering or on trails with overgrown vegetation. While they’re not cheap, they’re extremely durable and are sure to last a long time. Comfortable and easy to wear, especially on multi-day hiking trips, these gaiters make a good year-round choice.

Hiking Gaiters Comparison Table

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Gaiters

Gaiters are often overlooked and underrated, but they are extremely useful pieces of gear that can make hiking much more enjoyable.

To ensure that your new hiking gaiters live up to your needs, check out our hiking gaiter buying guide to find out which features you need to prioritize when making your decision.

Price of the Best Gaiters for Hiking

While gaiters are not high-cost pieces of gear, like most outdoor wear, it often makes sense to pay more for a higher performance model that will stand up to the elements on the trail. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t bargains to be had.

The amount that you spend on your gaiters should reflect the amount of use that you intend to get out of them and the environment in which you will be using them. If you need a pair of hiking gaiters for mild-weather or occasional short hikes then there’s no point paying out for a top of the range alpine model designed to withstand snow and ice.

On the other hand, if you are planning on using your gaiters in wet weather and for mountaineering, then you will be better off paying more for a model with a specialized waterproof, breathable membrane. The same goes for if you often tackle extreme terrain or are going backcountry backpacking.

Likewise, if you expect your gaiters to be getting a lot of use, it can be worthwhile to spend a little more on a higher quality model that comes with a lifetime guarantee, rather than spending less and having to replace them several times over.

Intended Use – Terrain and Weather

For regular hiking over steep rocky terrain or backcountry hiking, you should look out for gaiters with reinforced uppers that are abrasion-resistant. Cordura nylon is a popular choice, although there are plenty of other specialized options out there.

Weather also plays a big role, are you looking for three or four-season use out of your gaiters? In some cases you may be better opting for two different pairs, a more breathable, lighter pair for damp and warm conditions and a heavier, more highly resistant model for snow and ice. It all depends upon where you hike and what the climate is like.

Take into account the conditions that you regularly encounter when you’re out hiking. Of course, you cannot plan for absolutely every eventuality, but taking into account the average conditions during your average hike will give you a good idea of the best gaiters for your needs.

Protection – Debris and Water

Think about what kind of protection you need from your hiking gaiters. Do you cross a lot of creeks, mud and standing water? Or do you tend to get your boots full of scree and gravel? Depending upon where you hike most and at what times of year, your needs could vary considerably.

If protection from water is essential, then be sure to look for gaiters with a high-quality branded membrane, such as Gore-Tex, eVent or their own proprietary waterproof membrane. It is even more important to find a high-quality one if you tend to build up a sweat when hiking as you can get wet on the inside from perspiration. So if you’re hill walking, for example, or fast hiking, you’ll definitely want to make sure that your waterproof gaiters are breathable.

For protection from debris, take a look at how your gaiters are shaped to cover the top of your boots, you’ll want them to have a good covering. They should provide a snug fit at the top so you can be sure that no fragments of rock, vegetation or gravel can make its way in.

Material and Reinforcements

Nylon is a popular choice for its movement and strength. Some versions may also have elastane blends for added flexibility. Most models will have reinforced lower panels to protect your ankles against rocks and vegetation.

Take a close look at your gaiter’s composition materials. Good models will use a variety of materials in varying deniers to reduce bulk and weight where possible, but also to enhance protection and durability where needed. The instep is one crucial part that needs reinforcement or you could find your gaiters only lasting a few hundred miles. Some models even feature replaceable insteps, ideal for long-distance or regular hikers.

Ease of Use, Fit and Fastenings

Ideally, your gaiters will be easy to fit. Using the various fastenings and adjustments, take time out before your hike to fully adjust your gaiters for a snug fit. Once adjusted, they should be easy to put on and take off without having to interfere with the fit that you have already set up.

Full front openings can be extremely useful, be they zipper or hook and loop fastenings. Full front openings make it quick and easy to get your gaiters on, even if you’re already out, without having to remove your boots or risking getting dirt off them inside your gaiters.

If you are purchasing gaiters for winter hiking or mountaineering, make sure that your gaiters are easy to put on, take off and adjust as needed, preferably with gloved hands if necessary. This could prove crucial if you encounter a snowstorm with limited visibility and experience any issues with your gaiters.

Size and Weight

For your average hiker, gaiter weight is less of an issue than size. However, if you’re into long-distance or ultra-light hiking then every ounce really does count. There’s often a trade-off to be made between weight and durability in outdoor gear with only the very highest priced models managing to fulfill both criteria. Gaiters are no exception.

Most gaiters are available in a variety of sizes, although you will see some cheaper models that offer a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important to measure your calf carefully when choosing your gaiter size. Unless you have a very unusual shoe size, it is pretty much all about achieving a comfortable snug fit around the upper edge of your gaiter.

Comfort, Breathable and Style

Of course, everyone wants their gaiters to be as comfortable as possible. While lightweight, flexible models are best for that barely-there feel, in practice you still need to make sure that they offer a sufficient level of protection.

As discussed earlier, breathability is an important issue to consider, especially during warm weather hikes or if you tend to exert yourself and work up a sweat. If you need waterproof protection, then make sure that it is also breathable. You could also look at purchasing water-resistant, lightweight gaiters for summer use that tend to “breathe” better.

The style of gaiters that you should opt for really depends upon the level of protection that you require, as well as your hiking style. If you mainly go trail running or hike on established, well-marked trails, then you may prefer a low style mainly to keep gravel and debris out of your runners or boots. For protection against briars or deep snow, you will want a high style type of gaiter for complete lower-leg protection.


While it would be unreasonable to expect your gaiters to last you a lifetime, if you opt for a high-quality model there is no reason why it shouldn’t last you several years, depending upon usage. Some big outdoor wear brands offer replacement guarantees or models with replaceable insteps, so that you can really make the most of your gaiters for years to come.

If you tend to go hiking off the beaten trail or enjoy backcountry hiking you will want to look for durable gaiters that feature reinforced panels for longer-lasting protection and durability. Always check any fastenings and how they are fixed as they are often the weakest spots on any gaiter and the first to go.

Gender-Specific or Unisex

A lot of gaiters are unisex and both men and women have no problem with their fit. Some models are available as gender-specific versions which can be helpful if you have very slender or very chunky calves or especially small or large feet. Don’t be afraid to try gaiters marketed at the opposite sex if you are having difficulty finding a version that fits you.

It’s fairly common practice for women to purchase men’s hiking boots and vice versa when the fit is better for that individual. Similarly, not all gender-specific gaiters are necessarily the best fit, although for women with slender calves and larger feet, finding a unisex gaiter that fits without slipping can be tricky.

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FAQ: Best Gaiters for Hiking

As you explore the world of hiking and outdoor adventures, questions often arise about the best gear to enhance your experiences. When it comes to hiking gaiters, it’s natural to have inquiries about their purpose, types, materials, sizing, compatibility, and maintenance. In this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, we aim to address some of the most common queries surrounding gaiters for hiking.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker looking to upgrade your gaiters or a beginner seeking guidance on choosing the right pair, this FAQ section will provide you with valuable insights. We’ll clarify the role of hiking gaiters, discuss the different types available, highlight the materials used, offer sizing tips, and shed light on their compatibility with various hiking boots. Additionally, we’ll touch on cleaning and maintenance practices to prolong the life of your gaiters.

By addressing these frequently asked questions, we hope to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when selecting the best gaiters for your hiking adventures. So, let’s delve into the world of hiking gaiters and discover why they are an essential accessory for every outdoor enthusiast.

What are hiking gaiters?

Hiking gaiters are protective coverings worn over the lower legs and ankles to shield against various outdoor elements like debris, mud, snow, and water. They provide extra protection to your legs and help keep your feet dry and comfortable during hikes.

Why should I use gaiters for hiking?

Gaiters offer several benefits for hikers. They help prevent debris such as rocks, dirt, and twigs from entering your boots, keeping your feet and socks clean. Gaiters also provide added protection from thorny bushes, insects, and snake bites. Moreover, they keep snow, water, and mud from seeping into your boots, enhancing your overall hiking experience.

What types of gaiters are available for hiking?

There are primarily two types of hiking gaiters: ankle gaiters and full-length gaiters. Ankle gaiters cover only the lower part of the leg and are suitable for light hiking or trail running. Full-length gaiters, on the other hand, provide complete coverage up to the knee and are ideal for more rugged terrain, mountaineering, or hiking in snowy conditions.

What materials are gaiters made of?

Gaiters are typically made from durable materials such as nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. These materials are chosen for their water-resistant or waterproof properties, breathability, and resistance to tears and abrasions. Some gaiters may also feature Gore-Tex or similar membranes for enhanced waterproofing.

How do I choose the right size of gaiters?

To choose the right size of gaiters, it’s essential to measure your calf circumference and height. Most gaiters come in multiple sizes, so refer to the manufacturer’s size chart to find the appropriate fit. It’s important to ensure a snug fit without being overly tight, allowing freedom of movement while preventing debris from entering.

Can I use gaiters with any type of hiking boots?

Yes, gaiters can generally be used with any type of hiking boots. They are designed to be compatible with various boot styles, including low-cut hiking shoes, mid-cut hiking boots, and high-cut mountaineering boots. However, it’s always a good idea to check the compatibility of the gaiters with your specific boots before making a purchase.

How do I clean and maintain hiking gaiters?

Cleaning and maintaining hiking gaiters is typically a straightforward process. Most gaiters can be hand-washed using mild soap and water. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry. It’s also important to inspect your gaiters regularly for any signs of wear and tear, and repair or replace them as needed to ensure continued protection.

Can gaiters be used for other outdoor activities besides hiking?

Yes, gaiters are versatile outdoor accessories that can be used for various activities beyond hiking. They are commonly worn during mountaineering, backpacking, trail running, hunting, and snowshoeing. Gaiters provide excellent protection and can enhance your outdoor experience in any activity where leg and foot protection is desired.

Best Gaiters for Hiking Recap

Final Thoughts

Gaiters are a great extra piece of gear to have when out on the trail. While they are often overlooked, they can, in the right conditions, make your hike much more comfortable.

Maybe you just want to keep bits of gravel out of your boots with a low, simple gaiter like the Salomon Trail Gaiters so you don’t have to keep stopping to empty out your footwear. Alternatively, you might want a serious winter gaiter for hiking through ice and snow like the Black Diamond Apex with its welded upper waterproof section.

Whatever type of hiking gaiter you’re looking for, from a good all-rounder like the Rocky Mountain High Gaiter by Outdoor Research to Snake Guardz for hikes out into snake country, you’re sure to find your perfect pair in our selection.

2 thoughts on “10 Best Gaiters for Hiking”

  1. Just bought the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters for my hiking trip in the Rockies. They’re a bit pricey, but the durability and waterproof features sound promising!

  2. I recently purchased the Black Diamond Apex Hiking Gaiters and used them on a snowy mountain hike. They are incredibly durable and kept my legs dry and protected from the snow. The breathability was a bonus, keeping me comfortable throughout the hike. They are a bit costly, but for the quality and protection they offer, I think they’re a great investment for serious hikers.


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