Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi Tool Review

Last Updated December 28, 2023

Welcome to the in-depth review of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool, a comprehensive guide for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and anyone who appreciates a robust and versatile multi-tool. In this article, we delve deep into the world of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue, exploring its unique features, design, price, and value. We also address frequently asked questions, providing insights based on personal experiences and expert analysis.

Designed for the unpredictable challenges of the great outdoors and critical emergency situations, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue is more than just a tool; it’s a reliable companion that ensures preparedness in a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer, a professional in a high-stakes environment, or someone who values the functionality of a well-crafted multi-tool, this review aims to provide a thorough understanding of what makes the Leatherman Raptor Rescue a standout choice.

Join us as we examine each aspect of this multi-tool, from its emergency-specific features like medical shears and a strap cutter to its everyday utility and ergonomic design. We’ll also assess its value for money, considering both its price point and the long-term investment it represents. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear picture of how the Leatherman Raptor Rescue can be an essential part of your gear, offering not just tools for various tasks but peace of mind in knowing you’re well-equipped for whatever lies ahead.

Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool

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Features and Performance

As an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, RVing, and a range of other activities, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of a reliable multi-tool. The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool has been a constant companion on my adventures, and I’d like to share a detailed review of its features and performance.

420HC Stainless Steel Medical Shears: The medical shears are the heart of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue. Crafted from 420HC stainless steel, these shears are not only durable but also efficient in cutting through a variety of materials. The serrations on the blades aid in gripping materials for a strong, fast cut, which is vital in emergency situations or when preparing campsite materials.

One-Handed Strap Cutter: This feature is particularly useful in urgent scenarios. Whether it’s cutting through seatbelts in an accident or quickly slicing through straps during a hike, the one-handed strap cutter is both easy to access and use, even when the shears are closed.

Stow-Away Oxygen Tank Wrench: While I haven’t had the need to use this feature often, its inclusion is a testament to the Raptor’s versatility. Designed for emergency situations, the oxygen tank wrench is a critical tool for those trained in first aid and rescue operations.

Ring Cutter: The ring cutter is an incredibly specialized tool, and it’s reassuring to know it’s there. In scenarios where swelling might necessitate the removal of a ring, this feature can be a literal finger-saver.

Carbide-Tip Glass Breaker: This feature is designed for breaking through standard civilian-grade glass. It’s a crucial tool for rescue situations, particularly for those involved in vehicle accidents. The carbide-tip ensures a quick and effective break, crucial in time-sensitive scenarios.

Ruler: Embedded in the design is a handy 5 cm ruler. While it might not be used daily, its inclusion for measuring bandages or other small-scale mapping tasks adds to the multi-tool’s utility.

Portability: The Raptor Rescue is designed with ergonomics in mind. Its handles feature glass-filled nylon scales, making it comfortable to hold and use. The tool can be folded down for compact storage, and it disassembles easily for cleaning and maintenance.

Holster and Attachments: The tool comes with an injection-molded polymer holster compatible with MOLLE systems. It allows for storage in both open and closed positions and can be attached to a vest, pack, or duty belt for rapid access. The built-in lanyard hole and replaceable pocket clip offer additional carrying options.

Durability and Warranty: With Leatherman’s reputation for quality, the Raptor Rescue is built to last. It’s backed by a 25-year warranty, ensuring confidence in its long-term use.

Weight and Dimensions: The tool weighs 5.8 oz, with a closed length of 5 inches and an open length of 8 inches. These dimensions make it a handy size for carrying without being cumbersome.

Tools Included

  • 1. 420HC Stainless Steel Folding Shears
  • 2. Strap Cutter
  • 3. Ring Cutter
  • 4. Ruler (5 cm)
  • 5. Oxygen Tank Wrench
  • 6. Carbide Glass Breaker

Raptor Tools

In my use, the Raptor Rescue has proven to be more than just a tool; it’s a companion that provides peace of mind. Knowing I have a reliable, versatile tool at my side makes me more confident as I explore the great outdoors. The efficiency and precision of the shears, combined with the added functionalities, make it an indispensable part of my gear.

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool is a remarkable blend of functionality and reliability. Its comprehensive set of features caters not only to emergency responders but also to outdoor enthusiasts who value preparedness and efficiency. This multi-tool isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a vital part of my adventure kit, ready for whatever challenges the wilderness may present.

Design and Ergonomics

As someone who frequently embarks on outdoor adventures, I’ve found the design and ergonomics of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool to be particularly noteworthy. It’s not just a tool; it’s a well-conceived piece of equipment that complements my active lifestyle, including hiking, camping, and RVing.

Innovative Design: The Leatherman Raptor Rescue is not your typical multi-tool. It deviates from the conventional Swiss Army knife or plier-based designs. Instead, it takes on an innovative form, primarily centered around a set of shears. This unique design is specifically tailored to meet the demands of high-intensity rescue situations, as opposed to everyday carry purposes. The Raptor Rescue is crafted with the input of EMTs, firefighters, and other rescue workers, ensuring its utility in critical scenarios​​.

Foldable and Compact: One of the standout features of the Raptor Rescue is its foldable nature. This design allows it to be compact and easy to carry, which is essential for someone like me who needs to save space and weight while packing for trips. When folded, it fits neatly into the included holster, making it highly portable and accessible.

Ergonomic Handles: The handles of the Raptor Rescue are designed for comfort and efficiency. The tool features glass-filled nylon handle scales that enhance grip and provide stability during use. This attention to ergonomics is crucial in emergency situations where precision and control are paramount.

Holster and Attachment Points: The tool comes with a MOLLE-compatible injection-molded polymer holster, which is a significant addition for anyone engaged in outdoor activities. This holster can store the device in both open and closed positions, and its secure rotating clip easily attaches to a vest, pack, or duty belt. This versatility in carrying options ensures rapid access to the multi-tool when needed. Additionally, the built-in lanyard hole and replaceable pocket clip offer further flexibility in how the tool can be carried and accessed.

Overall Impression: In summary, the design and ergonomics of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Its innovative design, compact foldability, ergonomic handles, and versatile carrying options make it a reliable and indispensable tool in various situations. The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool aligns perfectly with the dynamic and unpredictable nature of outdoor adventures, providing a sense of preparedness and security.

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue’s design is a testament to Leatherman’s commitment to quality and functionality, offering an exceptional tool that is both practical and durable for a wide range of scenarios​​.

Raptor Rescue Yellow Green Closed

My Personal Experience

As an ardent lover of the great outdoors, my gear is a critical part of every adventure, be it hiking, camping, or RVing. The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool has been a game changer in my toolkit. Here’s a detailed account of my experiences with this versatile tool, reflecting its practicality and reliability in various scenarios.

Emergency Preparedness: On a camping trip in the backcountry, I remember a fellow camper suffering a minor injury. The medical shears of the Raptor Rescue were invaluable. They cut through the fabric effortlessly, allowing for quick first aid. This experience solidified my trust in its capabilities in emergencies.

Everyday Utility: While the Raptor Rescue is designed for high-intensity situations, its everyday utility is undeniable. I’ve used it for cutting cords, opening packages, and even minor repairs around the campsite. The strap cutter is especially handy for quick cuts, demonstrating its versatility beyond rescue operations.

Design Efficiency: The foldable design has been a significant advantage. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry without adding bulk to my gear. Unfolding and using the tool is intuitive, and its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Durability and Maintenance: After months of regular use, the Raptor Rescue has shown no signs of wear. Its robust construction and the ability to disassemble it for cleaning keep it in top condition. I appreciate the thought Leatherman has put into making a tool that’s not only functional but also durable and easy to maintain.

Real-World Versatility: I’ve used the Raptor Rescue in various settings – from cutting through thick brush during hikes to emergency repairs on my RV. The integrated tools like the oxygen tank wrench and the glass breaker may not be used daily, but their presence provides a sense of preparedness for any situation.

Personal Attachment: The Raptor Rescue has become more than just a tool; it’s a part of my adventure story. Each scratch and mark on it reminds me of a journey or a challenge overcome. It’s not just the functionality but the emotional connection to the experiences it has helped me navigate that makes it special.

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a companion on my outdoor escapades. Its reliability, combined with versatile features, makes it an indispensable part of my gear. Whether I’m setting up a camp, handling an emergency, or just needing a reliable tool for everyday tasks, the Raptor Rescue has proved its worth time and again. It’s a testament to Leatherman’s commitment to quality and functionality, and I can confidently say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made for my outdoor adventures.

Price and Value

As an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for quality gear, I’ve always weighed the cost against the value when it comes to investing in new equipment. The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool, priced around $99.95, is no exception. Let’s delve into why I believe this tool offers significant value for its price.

Cost Consideration: The price tag of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue might initially seem steep for a multi-tool, especially when there are cheaper alternatives in the market. However, it’s essential to consider what you’re getting for this price. The Raptor Rescue isn’t just a simple multi-tool; it’s a specialized piece of equipment designed for both emergency situations and everyday utility.

Long-Term Investment: From my experience, investing in a Leatherman tool is a long-term investment. The brand is renowned for its durability and reliability, and the Raptor Rescue is no exception. Its robust construction and ability to withstand rigorous use make it a one-time purchase that can last for years.

Specialized Features: What sets the Raptor Rescue apart and justifies its price are its specialized features like medical shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a glass breaker, and an oxygen tank wrench. These are not commonly found in standard multi-tools, adding significant value for specific uses, especially for those involved in rescue operations or outdoor adventures.

Warranty and Brand Trust: Leatherman’s 25-year warranty backs the Raptor Rescue, offering peace of mind and assurance of quality. This warranty reflects the brand’s confidence in its products and commitment to customer satisfaction, adding considerable value to the initial purchase price.

Market Comparison: When compared to other multi-tools on the market, the Raptor Rescue stands out for its unique features tailored to emergency and outdoor scenarios. While there are cheaper options, they often lack the specialized tools and robust construction that the Raptor Rescue offers.

Personal Valuation: From my perspective, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue is more than a tool; it’s an essential part of my outdoor gear. Its versatility, durability, and specialized features make it invaluable in many situations I’ve encountered in the wild. The initial investment has paid off in terms of reliability and functionality.

In conclusion, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue’s price reflects its specialized design, durability, and the brand’s reputation for quality. It’s an investment for those who require a reliable multi-tool for both emergency situations and daily tasks. For outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Raptor Rescue offers excellent value, justifying its price with its versatility, durability, and specialized features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Unique Compared to Other Multi-Tools?

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue stands out due to its specialized features tailored for emergency scenarios, including medical shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a carbide-tip glass breaker, and an oxygen tank wrench. These tools are specifically designed for efficiency and reliability in high-intensity situations, making it distinct from typical multi-tools that focus more on everyday tasks.

Is the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Suitable for Everyday Carry (EDC)?

While the Raptor Rescue is designed with emergency situations in mind, its compact design, foldability, and robust construction make it a good option for everyday carry, especially for those who value preparedness and versatility in their tools.

How Durable is the Leatherman Raptor Rescue?

The Raptor Rescue is built with high-quality materials, including 420HC stainless steel for the shears and glass-filled nylon for the handles, ensuring durability and longevity. Leatherman’s reputation for crafting sturdy tools is well-reflected in the Raptor Rescue, making it a reliable choice for rugged use.

Is the Leatherman Raptor Rescue TSA Compliant?

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue is TSA compliant, but it is subject to inspection. It’s advisable to check the latest TSA guidelines or contact the airline for confirmation before traveling, as policies can change.

What is the Weight and Size of the Leatherman Raptor Rescue?

The Raptor Rescue weighs approximately 5.8 ounces, with a closed length of 5 inches and an open length of 8 inches. Its compact size and light weight make it convenient for carrying without adding significant bulk.

Does the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Come with a Warranty?

Yes, Leatherman offers a 25-year warranty on the Raptor Rescue, reflecting their confidence in the tool’s quality and durability. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship.

Can the Shears on the Raptor Rescue Cut Through Heavy Materials?

The 420HC stainless steel medical shears are designed to cut through a variety of materials, including fabric, leather, and some plastics. Their effectiveness in cutting heavy materials would depend on the specific type and thickness of the material.

Is the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Yes, the Raptor Rescue is designed for easy maintenance. It can be disassembled for cleaning, ensuring that you can keep it in optimal condition even with regular use in various environments.

Who Would Benefit Most from Owning a Leatherman Raptor Rescue?

The Raptor Rescue is ideal for emergency responders, medical professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who values a multi-tool capable of handling a wide range of situations, including emergency and everyday tasks.

Can the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Be Customized or Engraved?

Leatherman offers customization options, including engraving on the Raptor Rescue, making it a great personalized gift or a tool uniquely tailored to the owner’s preference.


In conclusion, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a versatile companion for a wide range of scenarios, particularly for those who love the outdoors and professionals in emergency response roles. My personal experience and detailed analysis of its features, design, price, and FAQs, underscore its exceptional value.

The Raptor Rescue stands out with its unique set of tools, including medical shears, a strap cutter, ring cutter, and more, making it indispensable in emergency situations and incredibly useful for day-to-day tasks. Its specialized features offer unmatched functionality compared to standard multi-tools.

With its robust build and ergonomic design, the Raptor Rescue is crafted for durability and ease of use. Its foldable nature, combined with a MOLLE-compatible holster, ensures it’s always within reach, whether on a hike, during a rescue operation, or in day-to-day activities.

While the price point of around $99.95 may seem high, the Raptor Rescue’s longevity, backed by Leatherman’s 25-year warranty, makes it a worthy long-term investment. Its blend of unique features and reliable performance offers excellent value for the cost.

On a personal note, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue has proven to be an essential part of my outdoor adventures, providing a sense of security and readiness. Its effectiveness in various situations, from handling minor injuries to tackling unexpected repairs, has solidified its place in my gear.

Whether you’re an emergency responder, a medical professional, or an outdoor enthusiast, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue is designed to meet a variety of needs. Its versatility, combined with ease of maintenance and customization options, make it suitable for a wide audience.

In essence, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue Multi-Tool is more than just a tool; it’s a reliable partner for those who face the unpredictable. Its combination of specialized features, durable construction, and ergonomic design make it a must-have for anyone who values preparedness and efficiency in their toolkit.

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