Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool Review

Last Updated January 1, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool, a compact and versatile companion for various tasks and adventures. In this article, we delve deep into the features, functionality, and overall performance of this multi-tool to provide you with an insightful assessment of its capabilities and suitability for different needs.

Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, a DIY hobbyist, or someone who appreciates having a reliable multi-tool for everyday tasks, the Gerber Lockdown Pry promises to offer something for everyone. Its array of tools, including a sharp blade, robust scissors, and a functional pry bar, combined with its compact and portable design, make it a potential game-changer in the realm of multi-tools.

Through this review, we will explore the Gerber Lockdown Pry’s design and build quality, its portability and everyday carry convenience, the functionality and range of tools it offers, and its performance in real-world situations. Additionally, we will compare it with other popular multi-tools in the market, such as the Gerber Lockdown Drive and the Gerber Center Drive, to give you a broader perspective.

Our analysis also includes an in-depth look at the tool’s durability and warranty, a personal opinion section sharing firsthand experiences with the tool, and a comprehensive FAQ to address common questions and concerns about the Gerber Lockdown Pry.

Whether you’re considering adding the Gerber Lockdown Pry to your collection or simply curious about its features, this review aims to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the world of multi-tools and discover what the Gerber Lockdown Pry has to offer!

Gerber Lockdown Pry

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Design and Build Quality

The Gerber Lockdown Pry impressed me with its sturdy design. It features flat plates of anodized aluminum, giving it a solid and premium feel. The honeycomb pattern on the body not only adds to its aesthetic but also ensures a good grip. Despite its solid build, I found the edge grind on the blades somewhat uneven, which was a bit disappointing considering Gerber’s reputation for quality.

Modern Aesthetics and Solid Build: As a regular camper and outdoor enthusiast, I pay close attention to the design and build quality of the tools I carry. The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool stands out with its sleek, modern aesthetics. The body is crafted from flat plates of anodized aluminum, which not only gives it a solid, high-quality feel but also ensures durability. This robust construction is a plus for anyone who frequently engages in outdoor activities.

Unique Patterns and Deep Carry Pocket Clip: A distinctive feature of the Lockdown Pry is the wider honeycomb pattern milled into the aluminum body, which is both functional and visually appealing. This pattern, along with the anodized dark greenish-grey color, adds to the tool’s rugged yet refined look. The deep carry pocket clip is another well-thought-out aspect of this tool. It’s attached with two horizontal screws and located in a milled relief to prevent rotation, offering both security and ease of carry.

Tool Deployment and Functionality: While the design is impressive, I did notice some issues with the deployment of the tools. The thumb studs are fitted tightly against the scales, which can make one-handed opening challenging. Despite this, the scissors, which are a unique inclusion compared to similar tools, deploy effectively and provide robust cutting ability with more leverage than length.

Secondary Implements and Practical Usage: The secondary implements like the pry tool, nail puller, and bottle opener are integrated into the body, making them readily accessible and practical for various tasks. These features are especially useful for outdoor activities where versatility and efficiency are key.

Mixed Bag in Fit and Finish: While the overall build is solid, there’s a noticeable inconsistency in the fit and finish, particularly in the blade grinds. The blades, though sharp, exhibit uneven and asymmetrical grinds, which is unexpected from a brand like Gerber. However, the solid aluminum body and fine machining details somewhat balance this aspect.

The Gerber Lockdown Pry, with its robust build and functional design, is a reliable tool for outdoor adventures and everyday use, despite some shortcomings in tool deployment and blade grind quality. Its compact size, effective tool set, and durable construction make it a worthy addition to any outdoor gear collection.

Lockdown Pry Closed

Portability and Everyday Carry

One of the highlights of the Lockdown Pry is its portability. It comes with a deep carry pocket clip, making it easy to attach to your pocket or backpack. Its 4-inch closed length and weight of 5.7 ounces make it a convenient carry, not too bulky or heavy.

Compact Design for Easy Carry: In my frequent outdoor escapades, whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a day hike, the importance of a portable and easily accessible multi-tool cannot be overstated. The Gerber Lockdown Pry, with its compact design, exemplifies what I look for in an everyday carry tool. Its closed length of 4 inches makes it small enough to fit comfortably in my pocket, a feature I particularly appreciate when I’m trying to minimize the gear I carry.

Lightweight Construction: Despite its array of tools, the Gerber Lockdown Pry maintains a lightweight profile, weighing in at 5.7 ounces. This light weight, combined with its compact size, means that it doesn’t add significant bulk or weight to my gear, a crucial factor for long hikes where every ounce matters.

Practical Pocket Clip: One of the standout features of the Lockdown Pry, from a portability standpoint, is its deep carry pocket clip. The clip’s design ensures that the tool stays securely attached to my pocket or the edge of my backpack, making it easily accessible whenever I need it. This is especially useful when I’m on the move and need quick access to my tools.

Anodized Aluminum Body: The choice of anodized aluminum for the body strikes the perfect balance between durability and weight. This material choice ensures that the tool can withstand the rigors of outdoor use while keeping its weight to a minimum. It’s reassuring to know that the tool can handle a bit of rough treatment without becoming a burden to carry.

Tool Accessibility: While the overall portability of the Gerber Lockdown Pry is commendable, I did encounter some challenges with accessing the tools. The tight fit of the thumb studs against the scales sometimes requires two-handed operation, which can be a minor inconvenience in situations where quick, one-handed access is needed.

Versatility for Various Activities: The Gerber Lockdown Pry’s portability extends its use beyond just hiking and camping. Its size and weight make it an ideal tool for a range of outdoor activities, from biking to fishing. Its practicality isn’t limited to outdoor adventures either – I find it just as useful for everyday tasks around the house or on the job.

Overall, the Gerber Lockdown Pry ranks highly on my list of portable multi-tools. Its compact size, lightweight design, and practical pocket clip make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable tool that won’t weigh them down. Whether I’m setting up camp, making quick repairs, or simply opening a bottle, this multi-tool has become a staple in my outdoor gear.

Functionality and Tools

Versatile Tool Selection for Outdoor Enthusiasts: As someone who frequently engages in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and RVing, I find the versatility of a multi-tool to be its most crucial feature. The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool doesn’t disappoint in this regard, offering a range of tools that cater to various needs encountered in the great outdoors.

Primary Tools

2.5″ Plain Edge Blade: This blade is a fundamental tool for any outdoor adventure. It’s suitable for cutting rope, slicing through packaging, or even preparing food. The blade’s sharpness out of the box is commendable, although the grind quality could be more consistent.

Scissors: The inclusion of scissors adds a layer of versatility not often found in compact multi-tools. They are robust and provide more leverage than their size might suggest, which is useful for cutting thicker materials.

Pry Bar: A tool that I find particularly useful in various scenarios, from prying open paint cans to minor leverage tasks. The pry bar is integrated into the body, enhancing its sturdiness and usability.

Secondary Tools

Nail Puller and Bottle Opener: The nail puller is handy for small carpentry tasks, and the bottle opener is a welcome addition, especially during casual outdoor gatherings.

Large & Small Flathead Driver: These drivers are essential for quick fixes, whether tightening screws on camping gear or making adjustments to a bicycle.

Compact and Functional Design: The Gerber Lockdown Pry’s compact design doesn’t compromise the functionality of its tools. Each implement is thoughtfully integrated into the tool’s body, ensuring that they are easily accessible and practical for use in various situations. The tool’s layout and design cater well to the needs of an active lifestyle, where efficiency and multi-functionality are key.

Tool Accessibility and Deployment: While the tools themselves are practical, the deployment mechanism, particularly the thumb studs, can be a bit tricky. This might require using two hands to access the tools, which can be a slight inconvenience in situations where quick, one-handed operation is needed.

Durability and Reliability: The robust construction of the tools ensures that they can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. From my experience, the durability of the tools matches the needs of an outdoor enthusiast, capable of handling tasks from simple cutting to prying without showing significant wear.

The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool is a well-rounded addition to any outdoor gear kit. Its array of tools, combined with a compact and functional design, makes it a reliable companion for various activities. While the tool deployment could be smoother, the overall utility and versatility it offers make it a valuable tool for both everyday tasks and outdoor adventures.

Performance in the Field

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I’ve put the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool through its paces in a variety of settings, from camping trips in the backcountry to quick fixes around the RV. The tool’s performance in real-world situations has been a mix of highs and lows, reflecting its versatile yet somewhat challenging design.

Sharpness and Utility: The 2.5″ blade came impressively sharp out of the box, proving itself on tasks like cutting cords, preparing campfire kindling, and even slicing through tougher materials. Its sharpness is a boon, handling most cutting tasks with ease.

Blade Grind Quality: Despite its utility, the blade’s grind quality did raise some concerns. The uneven and asymmetrical grind, while not impeding basic functionality, did make precision cuts more challenging.

Scissors Efficiency: The scissors were a pleasant surprise, offering more leverage and strength than their size would suggest. They proved handy for cutting through thicker materials that the blade couldn’t handle as efficiently.

Pry Bar Versatility: The pry bar was robust and functional, especially for prying tasks where using the blade would be inappropriate or risky.

Drivers and Bottle Opener: The large and small flathead drivers were practical for everyday fixes. The bottle opener, a must-have for any outdoor tool, functioned seamlessly, adding a touch of convenience to our outdoor relaxation times.

Thumb Studs and Tool Access: The tight thumb studs presented some challenges in tool deployment, particularly when trying to access tools quickly or with one hand. This aspect could be slightly cumbersome in situations where speed and ease of use are crucial.

Resilience to Elements: The anodized aluminum body held up well against various elements, showing no significant wear or tear even after extensive use in different environments. Its durability reinforces its suitability for harsh outdoor conditions.

Versatility in Various Scenarios: Whether it was making quick repairs on hiking gear, opening packages, or performing minor tasks around the RV, the Gerber Lockdown Pry proved to be a reliable tool. Its array of features were well-suited to tackle a range of tasks.

In summary, the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool stands as a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a versatile, durable, and portable tool. While it excels in general utility and robustness, improvements in tool deployment and blade grind quality would enhance its overall performance in the field. From my personal experience, this tool has earned its place in my outdoor gear, reliably supporting my adventures with its varied functionalities.

Durability and Warranty

As someone who spends a considerable amount of time outdoors, I understand the importance of having gear that can withstand various elements and usage. The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool impresses with its durability.

Robust Aluminum Body: The use of anodized aluminum for the body of the Lockdown Pry is a significant factor in its durability. This material is known for its resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand wear and tear. In my experience, whether it was exposed to rain, mud, or constant handling, the tool retained its integrity without showing signs of rust or significant damage.

Reliable Tool Construction: Each tool in the Lockdown Pry, from the blade to the pry bar, is constructed to endure regular use. Despite some initial concerns about the blade’s grind quality, its functionality remained consistent through various tasks, from cutting to prying.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Gerber offers a limited lifetime warranty on the Lockdown Pry, which is a testament to their confidence in the product’s quality. This warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship, ensuring that you can rely on the tool for a long time.

Warranty Limitations: It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or normal wear and tear. Modifications like altering the thumb studs, as some users have done, might void this warranty. Therefore, while customization can improve functionality, it should be weighed against the potential loss of warranty coverage.

Ease of Maintenance: Maintaining the Lockdown Pry is straightforward. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of the moving parts can extend its life. The blade might require sharpening over time, especially given the initial concerns about its grind quality.

User-Friendly Repairs: In the case of any issues, the tool’s design allows for some user-friendly repairs and adjustments, which is beneficial for those who prefer to handle minor maintenance themselves.

The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool stands as a durable and reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone needing a sturdy multi-tool. Its construction is designed to handle the rigors of outdoor activities, and the backing of a limited lifetime warranty adds an extra layer of confidence in its longevity. From personal experience, coupled with the known quality standards of Gerber, the Lockdown Pry is a tool that can withstand the test of time and use.

Personal Opinion

From my extensive use in various outdoor settings, the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool has been a mix of high utility and some minor disappointments. Its functionality and design are well-suited for my active lifestyle, but there are areas where improvements would be welcome.

Versatile for Various Scenarios: The range of tools available on the Lockdown Pry has been a significant advantage. I’ve used it for everything from cutting ropes to minor repairs on my camping gear, and it hasn’t let me down. The scissors and pry bar, in particular, have been standout features for their practicality.

Robust Build for Rugged Use: The anodized aluminum body and overall construction have endured well in tough conditions, reinforcing my trust in its durability. This robust build quality is something I value highly in my outdoor tools.

Challenging Tool Deployment: The tightness of the thumb studs has been a minor gripe. In situations where quick, one-handed tool access is needed, this design aspect has been a bit cumbersome. It’s not a deal-breaker, but smoother deployment would enhance the tool’s usability.

Blade Grind Quality: The uneven grind on the blade was initially a concern, although it hasn’t significantly impacted its utility. However, for a brand like Gerber, I expected a bit more precision in this area.

Satisfactory Performance: Despite its shortcomings, the Gerber Lockdown Pry has been a reliable companion in my outdoor adventures. It’s a tool I find myself reaching for regularly due to its versatility and robustness.

Recommendation with Caveats: I would recommend the Lockdown Pry to fellow outdoor enthusiasts, with the caveat of being aware of its minor flaws. It’s a tool that offers great functionality, but it may not be the best fit for someone who prioritizes one-handed tool deployment or absolute precision in blade quality.

In conclusion, the Gerber Lockdown Pry is a multi-tool that largely delivers on its promise of versatility and durability. While it has room for improvement in certain areas, its overall performance makes it a worthy addition to my outdoor gear. It’s a tool that I trust to handle a variety of tasks, making it a dependable choice for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors as much as I do.

Pros & Cons of the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool

As someone who has extensively used the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool in various outdoor settings, I’ve compiled a detailed list of its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


Compact and Portable: The tool’s 4-inch closed length and weight of 5.7 ounces make it an ideal carry for hiking, camping, and everyday use. Its size and weight are perfectly balanced for portability without sacrificing functionality.

Robust Build Quality: The anodized aluminum body provides a durable and corrosion-resistant construction, making it suitable for rugged outdoor use. This material choice ensures longevity and reliability in various conditions.

Versatile Tool Selection: From a sharp blade to a practical pair of scissors, the range of tools offered by the Lockdown Pry is diverse. The inclusion of a pry bar, nail puller, and bottle opener adds to its versatility, making it a multi-purpose tool for various scenarios.

Effective Scissors: The scissors are surprisingly robust and offer more leverage than their size might suggest. This makes them useful for tasks that the main blade can’t handle as effectively.

Secure Pocket Clip: The deep carry pocket clip is a well-thought-out feature for easy attachment to pockets or gear, enhancing the tool’s accessibility and ease of carry.


Challenging Tool Deployment: The tight fit of the thumb studs against the scales can make one-handed opening of the tools difficult. This can be a drawback in situations where quick or single-handed access is necessary.

Inconsistent Blade Grind Quality: While the blade is sharp and functional, the grind quality is uneven and asymmetrical, which might affect precision tasks. This aspect does not align with the expected standards from Gerber.

Limited Tool Accessibility: Some users may find the accessibility of certain tools, like the file or awl, hindered by the placement of the thumb studs, affecting the overall functionality of these tools.

Potential Warranty Voiding with Customization: Any modifications to improve tool accessibility, like altering thumb studs, may void the warranty. This limitation can be a concern for users who prefer to customize their tools for enhanced usability.

Limited Plier Functionality: Unlike some other multi-tools, the Gerber Lockdown Pry does not include pliers, which can be a significant limitation for users who frequently require this tool.

The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool is a strong contender in the compact multi-tool market, offering a balance of portability, durability, and versatility. While it excels in many areas, it does have some drawbacks in tool deployment and precision. It is a suitable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users who value a robust, multi-functional tool and can manage the minor inconveniences regarding tool accessibility and deployment.

Gerber Lockdown Pry Comparison

In comparing the Gerber Lockdown Pry with other popular multi-tools such as the Gerber Lockdown Drive and Gerber Center Drive, there are several key aspects to consider, each highlighting the unique features and capabilities of these tools.

Gerber Lockdown Pry vs. Gerber Lockdown Drive

Design and Build: Both the Lockdown Pry and Lockdown Drive feature anodized aluminum bodies but with distinct patterns – the Pry has a wider honeycomb pattern, while the Drive has a smaller brick pattern. The Pry is slightly longer and heavier (4” and 5.7 ounces) than the Drive (3.87” and 4.5 ounces) due to different tool implementations​​.

Toolset: The Pry includes a pair of robust scissors and a pry bar built into its body. The Drive, however, replaces the scissors with an awl and features a 1/4″ locking driver, which is a much-requested addition. It also sports a dedicated exchangeable #11 craft utility blade for precise cutting tasks​​​​.

Deployment and Usability: Both models have been noted for the challenging deployment of tools, particularly due to tight thumb studs against the scales, which can hinder one-handed operation. This issue affects the overall functionality of some tools like the file and awl​​.

Gerber Lockdown Pry vs. Gerber Center Drive

Pliers and One-Handed Operation: The Center Drive boasts one-hand opening pliers, a feature not available in the Lockdown Pry. This feature is particularly useful for tasks that require holding something with one hand while using the pliers with the other​​.

Tool Variety: The Center Drive includes a unique Center-Drive screwdriver, which offers better torque and reach compared to traditional multi-tool drivers. The Center Drive also features interchangeable wire cutters made from tungsten carbide, known for their durability​​.

Scissors and Other Tools: Unlike the Lockdown Pry, the basic version of the Center Drive does not include scissors, although there are variants that do. The Center Drive is also enhanced with a pry-bar and bottle opener​​.

Gerber Lockdown Pry vs. Leatherman Wave Plus

Tool Access: The Leatherman Wave Plus has several tools that are accessible from the outside, including a pocket knife, wood saw, serrated pocket knife, and file. In contrast, the Center Drive offers external access to its pocket knife, bit driver, and pliers with wire cutters​​.

Special Features: The Wave Plus includes a saw and spring-loaded scissors, features that are not present in the basic Center Drive model. The Gerber Center Drive, however, offers a unique advantage with its centered screwdriver design, which improves ease of use for screwing tasks​​.

Each of these multi-tools has its strengths and limitations. The choice between them would depend on specific needs and preferences, such as the importance of one-handed tool access, the need for particular tools like scissors or a specific type of screwdriver, and the preference for external tool access. The Gerber Lockdown Pry, with its robust design and versatile toolset, is well-suited for a range of outdoor and everyday tasks, whereas the Gerber Center Drive and Leatherman Wave Plus offer unique features that might appeal to users with specific needs in their multi-tool.

FAQ: Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool Review

What are the main features of the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool?

The Gerber Lockdown Pry is a compact and versatile multi-tool, ideal for everyday carry. It features a 2.5″ plain edge blade with frame lock, a cast pry bar, bottle opener, scissors, a replaceable #11 blade, a file, a chisel, and both large and small flathead drivers. Its closed length is 4.0”, and it has a width of 0.56”. The tool is designed with modern aesthetics and is built for practical use in various scenarios​​.

How durable is the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool?

The Gerber Lockdown Pry is constructed with flat plates of anodized aluminum, providing a solid and durable build. The tool is designed to withstand regular use and is suitable for various outdoor and indoor tasks. Its robust construction ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear​​.

Is the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool easy to carry?

Yes, the Gerber Lockdown Pry is designed for easy carry. It is lightweight, weighing only 5.7 oz, and its compact size (4.0” closed length) makes it suitable for pocket carry. The tool also features a pocket clip for added convenience and accessibility​​​​.

What warranty does Gerber offer for the Lockdown Pry Multi Tool?

Gerber offers a limited lifetime warranty on the Lockdown Pry Multi Tool, covering any defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is a testament to Gerber’s commitment to quality and service​​.

Are there any known issues with the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool?

Some users have reported challenges with tool deployment, particularly with one-handed operation due to the tight fit of the thumb studs against the scales. Additionally, the edge grind on the blades has been noted to be uneven and asymmetrical, which might affect precision tasks​​.

How does the Gerber Lockdown Pry compare to other Gerber multi-tools like the Lockdown Drive?

The Gerber Lockdown Pry and Lockdown Drive have similar designs with different toolsets. The Pry includes scissors and a pry bar, while the Drive features an awl and a 1/4″ locking driver. The Pry is slightly longer and heavier than the Drive, but both are designed for portability and everyday use​​​​.

Can the Gerber Lockdown Pry handle heavy-duty tasks?

The Gerber Lockdown Pry is well-constructed and capable of handling a variety of tasks. It has been used effectively in demanding scenarios such as prying doors and cutting through various materials. However, it is important to use the tool within its intended capacity to avoid damage or injury​​.

What are some common uses for the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool?

The Gerber Lockdown Pry is versatile and can be used for various tasks, including cutting, prying, driving screws, opening bottles, and more. It is suitable for everyday carry and can be handy in outdoor activities, DIY projects, and routine household tasks.


After a thorough analysis and personal experience with the Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool, it’s time to draw some conclusions about this versatile and compact companion for outdoor enthusiasts, DIY hobbyists, and everyday users.

Strengths and Appeal

  • Versatility and Utility: The Lockdown Pry stands out for its array of tools, including a sharp blade, robust scissors, a functional pry bar, and various drivers. These features make it an excellent multi-purpose tool for a range of scenarios, from quick fixes to outdoor adventures​​.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Its compact size and lightweight design, complemented by a deep carry pocket clip, make it an ideal everyday carry item. The tool is non-intrusive in a pocket and easily accessible, a significant advantage for those who need a multi-tool on the go​​​​.
  • Durability: Built with anodized aluminum, the Lockdown Pry is resilient and capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use, an essential attribute for a tool designed for varied environments​​.

Areas for Improvement

  • Tool Deployment Challenges: One notable drawback is the difficulty in deploying some of the tools, especially one-handed due to tight thumb studs. This aspect could be a limitation for users who value quick and easy tool access​​.
  • Blade Grind Quality: The uneven grind on the blade, while not significantly impeding functionality, does fall short of the precision some users might expect from Gerber​​.

When compared to similar multi-tools like the Gerber Lockdown Drive and the Gerber Center Drive, the Lockdown Pry holds its own with its unique toolset and compact design. However, specific preferences for certain tools, such as pliers or a different type of driver, may lead some users to opt for the other models​​​​​​.

The Gerber Lockdown Pry Multi Tool is a reliable, versatile, and durable option for those seeking a multi-tool that balances functionality with portability. While it has some areas for improvement, particularly in tool deployment and blade quality, its overall performance and utility make it a worthy consideration. This tool is particularly suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, DIYers, and anyone in need of a sturdy, multi-functional tool for everyday tasks.

Whether you’re camping, handling home repairs, or simply in need of a dependable tool for various tasks, the Gerber Lockdown Pry is a solid choice that promises to be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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