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Gerber Crucial Review – Strap Cutter, Corkscrew and Carabiner

There’s been significant demand for multi tools that provide the functionality of a full size tool in a smaller, lighter package. The Gerber Crucial is an attempt to meet this need with a select group of basic tools you can carry anywhere. Today’s Gerber Crucial Review will cover the tool complement, build quality, and general usability of this tool and provide our thoughts on its overall value. Gerber Crucial Overview [...]

Gerber Suspension Review – Multi Tool with more Bang for your Buck

Value multi tools are a large and growing part of the overall multi tool market. The Gerber Suspension is one of the least expensive yet feature packed tools we’ve so far reviewed. Gerber claims that it’s a lightweight yet rugged tool that won’t let you down when it counts. In our Gerber Suspension review we’ll go over the included tools, build quality, hype vs reality, and give you our overall [...]

Leatherman vs Gerber – Battle of the Big Multi Tool Makers

There are lots of manufacturers in the multi tool world but two companies, Gerber and Leatherman, stand well above the rest. Leatherman invented the multi tool as we know it today and has been producing extremely high quality tools ever since. Gerber is a multinational knife, tool, and equipment titan and is just as much of a household name as Leatherman. Today we’re going to take a crack at the [...]

Gerber Center Drive Review

Gerber is a knife and tool maker well known for pushing the envelope of what a multi tool can do and be. With the Center Drive they’ve taken a crack at creating a really useful tool for contractors, builders, and other folks who work with their hands. Our Gerber Center Drive review will explore the features, tools, and build quality of this interesting tool and see if Gerber has achieved [...]

Gerber Dime Review – A Great Micro Multi Tool

There’s been growing demand in the multi tool market for tools small enough to carry everyday on your keychain or bag. The Dime is Gerber’s main entry in this micro multi tool market, packing shrunken versions of the basic multi tool loadout in a pint sized package. Today’s Gerber Dime review will cover the design of the Dime, its tool loadout, build quality, and our overall opinion of it. Gerber [...]

Gerber MP600 Review – A Military Issue Multi Tool

Gerber is famous among knife aficionados for producing high quality knives that are always made in America. It’s now trying to establish itself as a top manufacturer of multi tools as well. To do that they’ve created an interesting take on the one handed opening trend. It’s flagship tool, the Multi-Plier 600 (MP600), is incredibly popular among members of the US military and the general public. Our Gerber MP600 review [...]