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Gerber Dime Review – A Great Micro Multi Tool

There’s been growing demand in the multi tool market for tools small enough to carry everyday on your keychain or bag. The Dime is Gerber’s main entry in this micro multi tool market, packing shrunken versions of the basic multi tool loadout in a pint sized package. Today’s Gerber Dime review will cover the design of the Dime, its tool loadout, build quality, and our overall opinion of it. Gerber [...]

Gerber MP600 Review – A Military Issue Multi Tool

Gerber is famous among knife aficionados for producing high quality knives that are always made in America. It’s now trying to establish itself as a top manufacturer of multi tools as well. To do that they’ve created an interesting take on the one handed opening trend. It’s flagship tool, the Multi-Plier 600 (MP600), is incredibly popular among members of the US military and the general public. Our Gerber MP600 review [...]